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Comments Thread For: Hearn Views Fury-Whyte Purse Bid As Whyte's Best Option: 'I Don't See A Deal Being Done At 80/20'

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    So entitled to Whyte wants 10 mill, that's rediculous.
    Is Hearn then going to put in a 50 mill bid so Whyte can get his 10 mill in an 80 20 split xD
    He was talking himself in circles there explaining nothing xD

    As a bloke I'd love to have a pint with eddie but as a Rematchroom promoter i wish he'd go play in traffic blindfolded on the m25.


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      Entitled to Whyte wants 10 mill??? That's rediculous.
      So in that case will Edward be bidding 50 mill to give Whyte his 10 mill in an 80 20 split, give it a rest xD
      Eddie was talking in confused circles trying to make sense of his own bs xD
      Is it worth 20 without that US ppv money, I like Fury but i don't think it is. I hope they prove me wrong.

      They better ignore the triller offer.
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        A purse bid is the way to go for Eddie Hearn!


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          6m max would be whyte share n 24m fury yet for less risk greater reward whyte can fight usyk aj winner or for equal risk n reward greater when add tax break wilder vs whyte. I dont blame whyte for holding out for min 25% taxes and agent promoter n trainer fees are real 6m you take a 3rd 2m then thats still taxes so u take 1-1.2m


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            Rule should be 25-33% big name contenders wnd former champs 40% no name or lesser belt champs and 50% for if you need the name theyre a bigger name or theyre a legit champ in own right 20% no name contenders. Example sanchez 20% parker n whyte level 25-33% a lone ibf champ vs someone multi beltd 40% wilder vs aj usyk winner a 40-50% share names needed for all involved and ? Results can usyk dodge the right for 12 rounds, how many rds til wilder drop aj and will he get up
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              The reason most fights never go to the purse bids is the same reason the commissions always overrule the wbc boxing ruleset.

              These wbc and wba were created in the 1970s and the 1980s ibf and wbo

              They are nothing but private companies. They do not govern boxing!

              They really cannot decide on pay because they aren't the ones paying out, they only take.

              So of course the promotions involved won't allow that fot the big fights it's too risky, all have different TV contracts etc

              The wbc and all these guys are frauds and if you take them seriously then you believe that the first heavyweight champion was in the 1970s,

              Which is bull****.

              Jack Dempsey had the lineal ring belt in the 1920s, one title. One ranking system that includes everybody, not the 40 top tens from this lot of gangsters.
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                Originally posted by VislorTurlough View Post
                There’s no bottom to the Matchroom employees on here. They will put out the craziest propaganda to defend - of all ridiculous fighters - Whyte. A 2x PED cheat dropped by Oscar Rivas! KTFO by a retiree with a peg leg! And with each Whyte humiliation and eliminator duck, they come back recharged with new BS! It’s bizarre
                100%. I don't understand how anyone could support this guy, or think he deserves a title shot, or think he has any business fighting top tier guys.


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                  I said from the beginning this fight ain't happening. Same reason Whyte didn't accept AJ title fight.

                  Whyte will be first guy in history to duck title shots for every single belt. He has A phenomenal history of ducking eliminators and title fights. Perhaps they could make him a special world greatest ducker belt, and print the names, and world titles of all the people he's ducked.


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                    Originally posted by LAchargers373 View Post
                    Fast Eddie Hearn with the BS. “Our offer may be better than the one being offered” . He can’t even gaurantee that matchroom will make a purse bid higher than the one being proffered by top rank lmao. Tbh no one cares to watch Tyson fury knock out Dillian whyte top rank being generous offering him 5.5M. Fury will get same viewership on espn fighting anyone. whyte isn’t known or considered a threat. Outside of a few people in London no one knows who tf he is. Not sure why he’s trying to play this out in court it’s gonna cost him more money and he’ll lose out on any good will negotiations. Eddie Hearn really is a terrible promoter. He was trying to make whyte vs joshua 2 a few years ago and complained about whyte pricing himself out of the fight then pumps him up for this nonsense lol
                    Agree. Hearn couldn't even make an in house title fight with Whyte vs AJ. Even with world biggest boxing cash cow and 3 world titles involved. Somehow he couldn't get Whyte to sign the contract. That's quite incredible achievement.

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                      Originally posted by Cortez View Post
                      Jack Dempsey had the lineal ring belt in the 1920s, one title.
                      He had the NBA & NYSAC titles, which became the WBA & WBC titles.