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Comments Thread For: Roy Jones Praises Canelo, Offers Pointers On Jumping Weight Divisions: 'Special Guys Can Do Special Things'

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  • Comments Thread For: Roy Jones Praises Canelo, Offers Pointers On Jumping Weight Divisions: 'Special Guys Can Do Special Things'

    Roy Jones Jr. has a few words of advice for Canelo Alvarez as it pertains to the latter's multi-weight class ambitions. The 31-year-old Alvarez has been a middleweight and junior middleweight for most of his career, but he caught the weight-jumping bug after he moved up to the 168-pound division in 2020 and
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    Let’s face it. Roy Jones only moved to HW because John Ruiz is there to be cherrypicked. He ducked Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson like the plague.

    If Bermaine “Deontay Wilder’s best win in his resume” Stiverne or Charles “The God” Martin were still heavyweight champs, I guarantee you Canelo would have already moved up to HW to snag a title.
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      Couldn't agree more Roy


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        I'm not sure Canelo should be going anywhere near 168 once (if) he moves up to 190-200, never mind moving back down incrementally like Roy's saying.

        (1) He's undisputed, so doesn't have anything left to do there and (2), it'll be so f***ing hard to fight at after several years at higher weight classes, which is how long Roy suggests waiting, that he'll surely find himself more vulnerable to defeat (I'm looking at De La Hoya, here).

        Forget yo-yo-ing.

        Having said that, I'm not averse to watching him aged 34 at 168, blowing out his rear end after 4 rounds to see how he responds. Might be a decent watch
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          I don't think fighting a Cruiser is a "cherry-pick," but I don't think it's as impressive as dominating 160, 168, and 175! I would rather see Benavidez or Beterbiev next! However, rumor has it...

          Canelo Alvarez Reportedly Considering A May Battle Against Jermall Charlo
          Word on the street – which in this day and age means social media – is that Canelo Alvarez might not move up to cruiserweight, as has previously been reported. Now, it appears, boxing’s pound for pound star is interested in facing middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo this May. The Sun reports ESPN’s Mike Coppinger as saying the following: “I’m hearing it’s much more likely he’ll fight Jermall Charlo on Cinco de Mayo…there are talks right now for that fight.”

          In truth, a Canelo-Charlo fight would most likely bring in a lot more money and eyeballs than a fight between Canelo and Makabu.
          Charlo, after all, is a dominant and extremely talented fighter. As for Canelo, the man no longer needs an introduction. Currently holding the undisputed super middleweight championship of the world, the Mexican fighter is THE premiere boxer of our day. Makabu, accomplished as he is, is nowhere near as well known or as popular as Canelo and Charlo are. That’s a shame, of course, as it’s nice to see a little known titlist get a chance to step into the spotlight. Still, a Canelo-Charlo battle would certainly get a lot more buzz.

          In order for Canelo-Charlo to become a reality, a deal would have to be made between Canelo – who is a free agent – and Premiere Boxing Champions, which represents Charlo. With that being said, accusations of PBC being unwilling to work with fighters outside it’s realm are shaky. Canelo has worked with PBC before, for instance, as recently as his last fight, in fact. For last year’s extremely successful card highlighted by Canelo’s match with Caleb Plant was a result of the PBC and Canelo (who is associated with Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn) working together smoothly. In other words, an agreement could certainly be arrived at between both the Canelo and Charlo camps, provided both men want the fight and that a May battle is feasible for all parties involved.


          Take notes Canelo! RJJ was never the same after beating Ruiz!
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            Oh no, now you did it Roy.... Canelo haters in 3, 2, 1.....
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              This quote:

              “special guys can do special things”

              Goes out to all the Canelo haters out there, you know who you are! You’ve embarrassed yourself enough for a LOOOOOONG time now. Basically, Canelos whole career, he been shutting your mouths!!! Anyway, take it from one of the all time greats!!! From one to another, Canelo is a special talent and does things that not many can do. If what Canelo does or has done is easy, a lot of fighters would do the same thing but guess what? They can’t!!! Canelo is a true ATG!
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                If Canelo goes to 200 and fights at cruiserweight he shouldn't go back to 168 IMO. If he is chasing greatness just go to 175 and clean house. As much as I'd rather see him fight Benavidez at 168 I think once he goes to cruiserweight it would be hard physically for him to go to 168 again safely. I can watch Beterbiev or Bivol at 175 and be just as satisfied as Benavidez at 168.
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                  If I were Reynoso the path would be

                  Finish business at 168
                  May 2022 - Charlo
                  Sep 2022 - Benavidez

                  Move up to 190 to fight the WBC champ
                  May 2023

                  Get back to LHW and look for undisputed whoever the champions are there

                  Retire, nothing else to prove.

                  To be honest I don't see him winning all those fights but he still win the majority to solidify his ATG status.

                  Now about what Jones said, if Canelo moves up to 190 for his next fight I wouldn't advise him to go back to 168 right now, I'd advise him to move back to 175 and then move back to 168, weight jumping is very dangerous and Jones proved that to be true, you need to be wise about how you yo-yo between divisions.


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                    LOL. Breadman said Roy was a "special fighter." Five bucks Edwards will now start saying Ripped Fuel was suspect and move the goal post