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Comments Thread For: Bisping Rejects Talk of Paul-Woodley Fix: It's Ridiculous, The Kid Can Bang, Simple as That!

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    Originally posted by JDBarrett View Post
    Something most people are forgetting is the reflex factor of someone falling on their face. It takes "tumblers" and stuntmen a long time to learn to fall on their face without instinctively putting their hands up to protect it. If it was "fake", Tyron either learned how to take that fall, or legit let Jake KO him. Neither are likely. It was a real KO.
    Exactly it's muscle memory and reflexes that make you try and catch yourself when you fall you don't even think about it his body went completely stiff he fell for a feint and got caught with a clean shot on the shut off button. It's funny it happens all the time in professional boxing but when a Disney guy who has been training boxing pulls it off it's fake some people just like to say dumb stuff for the reactions nothing else.


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      Jake Paul fans and WWE fans are on the same level of intellect. It does not matter if it is real they will just lie to themselves that it is. The fight itself is meaningless BS between a noob boxer and a retired MMA guy. The only reason to watch it is soap opera entertainment same as WWE.
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        Originally posted by kingstip9 View Post

        Bro you are either fkn retarted or trolling if you think that knockout wasn’t “real”
        It's definitely fake, and very easy to see how they did it if you analyze the video. Paul pulled the punch sideways along Woodley's face after the padding hit, rather than hit him until the fist in the glove created force of impact. Very similar fake technique as used in this one

        Just my opinion, but I wouldn't say it if I didn't know more than am able to say. All I can say is I aint trying to lie to you homie. I'm not trying to say any wild **** just for no reason. I know it seems crazy, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I'm honestly trying to tell you the truth bro. So many people out here be lying to you nonstop, whether you realize it or not. I'm trying to tell you the truth. It's all fake. Not just the Paul fights, the whole sport. And don't get me started on other sports. They're all performers, and they all put on a show together, not much different from the Harlem Globetrotters, or WWE. They're all on the same team, even when they're on different teams, if you get what I'm saying.

        There are many reasons why, but the simplest to explain is that the amount of money you can make off betting when you know the outcome to everything beforehand is so, so much higher than if it's real and no one knows who will win until it happens.

        If it's real, explain Lomachenko fighting Lopez without a rematch clause. "He thought he would win" yeah sure, but freak injuries happen. That's like saying a billionaire doesn't buy home insurance because "he didn't think his home would burn down." They still buy insurance just in case. Or explain Lomachenko giving Commey second chances when he was hurt, against a way bigger man. Lomachenko doesn't know boxing history where supposedly many boxers have come back from being way more hurt than that to knock out their opponent? If it's real, and you can die in fights like that, then who would pull a move like that? It not only would risk Loma getting hurt, it would put Commey at more risk too to extend the fight rather than finish it.

        So it doesn't make sense that it would be real, but forget about all that. Just analyze the tape if you really want to be sure either way.
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          Originally posted by chicken- View Post

          You can see "very clearly on video that it was fake"?. I can see very clearly that you know absolutely nothing about fighting and have very low intelligence. That is one of the cleanest knockouts you'll ever see in your life.
          Yes you can see very clearly that it was fake if you spend time analyze it, or you have enough experience with it to know how it's done in real time. I'm telling you the truth bro. I know it might sound crazy, but it is what it is. He arcs the punch along Woodley's cheek, making enough contact to fake the KO, but not enough to actually make a hard impact with the fist or hurt Woodley. Woodley snaps his head and dives.


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            People who believe boxing is fake believe their girlfriends when they say they aren’t cheating on them.