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Comments Thread For: Jake Paul: There Was Never A Denial Of Me Refusing To Do Any Sort Of Drug Test

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  • Comments Thread For: Jake Paul: There Was Never A Denial Of Me Refusing To Do Any Sort Of Drug Test

    Jake Paul couldn't help but laugh over accusations that he avoided any form of random drug testing ahead of a planned fight with Tommy Fury.
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    The Fury's, boxings family of cheats, criminals, duckers and **** talkers.
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      Originally posted by The Problem Child
      “They’re a ****ty family. Do a side by side picture of me and Tommy. I look like eat cookies. I’m not thick but have always been a naturally chubby kid. Tommy has been ripped to shreds. Why isn’t he fat like Tyson (Fury, lineal heavyweight champion and Tommy’s older brother)? My guess is, whoever smelt it, dealt it.”
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        After the disgusting comments by the fury family at that press conference I hope jake Paul never gives them this opportunity ever again
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          You would of expected a video message from Tommy Fury by now, there may have been one? I don't bother with social media.

          If a fighter pulls out of a fight, a high profile fight. Then it is customary for that fighter and his team to inform the boxing community directly.

          There was a lot of pressure on Fury for this fight, it was a fight he could not lose.

          I expect the fight to be rescheduled. Must of been a pretty bad injury for Fury to pull out, considering he claimed in the past that he would fight Paul with one armed tied behind his back etc

          All of these incidents are helping the Jake Paul machine to gain momentum, people cannot call him a fake fighter. Tyrone Woodley, is not playing around. Tommy Fury was not playing around ether, Paul is testing himself at a certain level 'People cannot deny that'.

          I think Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul is a even bigger fight now, all of this just adds to the theme.


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            New Rule: No more fathers in boxing.
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              Originally posted by NachoMan View Post
              New Rule: No more fathers in boxing.
              I think the last couple months alone have given this rule real weight behind it now. I totally agree.


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                It's weird but I kind of like/respect Jake Paul now. I know he's trolling on an elite level but it works. More power to him. I respect (not like) Tyson but the rest of his fam seems like trash.


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                  “You can test a Fury any day and ten times in a Sunday”

                  that’s how Tyson and Hughie got caught


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                    I suppose we ought to admit it is just possible Tommy Fury was really sick.

                    However, what Jake Paul pointed out about Fury missing out on a much bigger payday than he would be able to get fighting other boxers at this early stage in his career is true and it's a big deal. Big brother Tyson Fury probably only showed up to help promote this fight because the fight was a unique opportunity representing a freakishly big payday for his brother that he otherwise he had no chance of getting from his boxing at this early point in his career, and the large money could be life changing for him in a wonderful way.

                    But whatever, I don't blame Jake Paul for not giving Tommy a second chance because Tommy didn't do anything much to contribute to the promotion of the fight, leaving all that on Jake Paul's shoulders, which I thought was unfair and unprofessional.

                    In the end though, I suspect Jake Paul would have beaten him because from what I've seen so far, Jake Paul is actually very gifted, has very fast reflexes, has one punch knockout power, is very athletic, is very calm and methodical in the ring, has good defensive and offensive boxing skills, is very fit, has been trained by top people, is very smart, and he's serious about boxing.

                    All the champions are smart - thinking ability in the ring, figuring out the opponents patterns so you can hit them when they don't expect it, figuring out ways to adapt to what you observe during the fight, makes all the difference at the elite level - and Jake Paul is very smart.

                    It's fun watching Jake Paul's career unfold, and people like to watch because so far he's performed well, and it will be interesting to see how good he really is, and how far he can go, as the tests get harder as he goes along, as he fights better and better fighters as he progresses. What a Cinderella tale it would be if he actually could get so far as to be a contender, or even a champion. It seems unlikely but who knows ? It's great drama to keep watching him fight to see how far he can go. And that human interest factor seems to generate the sale of a whole lot of tickets.

                    Sure Jake Paul came into professional boxing in an unconventional way, but who cares ? If he has found another road that leads to success, and he is dedicated enough, and trains hard enough, and is tough enough, and smart enough, to keep winning against better and better opponents, I think it makes a fascinating story, and one a lot of people will be interested in following to the end. Ka-Ching !