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Comments Thread For: Michael Hunter Escapes With Split Draw in Bruising Fight With Jerry Forrest

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    Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
    Hunter sucks. The draw with Povetkin was his peak. there is a reason why he ducked Hrgovic and started to fighting bums under Triller protection. He even wanted to cherry pick even worse de Mori instead of Forrest.

    I don`t wanna hear about him any more.
    Actually I’d say Hunters fight with Usyk was his peak at Cruiserweight his natural weight class and his peak at heavyweight was Povetkin but he jumped on him early at the bell unexpectedly and that got him a close fight he should’ve lost anyway .

    Anyway I think it’s safe to say fighters should stop being A.J experts when he has a tough fight and worry about their own careers seems to be a common thing now and they themselves look terrible against guys they are heavily favored against Fury should take note as well ,he’s already did it once and look what happened in the Wallin fight now he’s doing it again.

    Hrgovic would have demolished Hunter I told you guys all along ,he is sloppy ,not a great gas tank and lazy compared to his Cruiserweight fight weight . He also got lucky with Bakole who hurt him a few times despite his own poor performance in that fight .
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      Dammmm Hunter everyone saying you not s_itttttt! How you feel what’s your next gift going to look like, who’s it going to be Steve Urkle? Please let him know he’s no different than the Bounty Hunter maybe a tad better but not much. I know waking up this morning sucks to be a Hunter and read these comments but you’ll get over it.


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        This result makes me wonder would kamboses got the desicion if the fight went with thriller, u got love the work hearn does giving fighters fair shakes


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          Hunter lost this fight because he came in swinging fire balls and lost his energy after round 4.

          I cant believe it was called a split draw. 100% win for Forrest.


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            I lost all respect for Hunter when he turned down the HrGovic fight to fight bums instead. Also, this is proof of why fights are won in the ring. ANYTHING can happen at heavyweight and Hunter almost lost to an absolute bum. Prove you are better in the ring and stop cherry picking.