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Comments Thread For: Teofimo Lopez: Y'All Been Sleeping On Me; I'm About To Wake Everybody The F--- Up!

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    Originally posted by _original_ View Post

    I disagree. Teo won fair and square but the fight was definitely close enough to grant a rematch given that Lomachenko was the P4P best and unified champ. I think we can all admit that we will see a completely different Lomachenko in the rematch and Teo knows this. Plus it’s still the biggest money fight for both men due to fan demand.

    Loma TKOd Nakatini (who gave Teo hell) and is fighting Commey next. I’d say that’s fighting his way back to a shot compared to the other contenders at lightweight.

    Well yeah, sure, but I’m not talking about the other contenders.

    Anyway, I suppose it doesn’t matter now. Don’t know if Lopez has a rematch clause with Kambosos, but that should be Loma’s target. López can win the belts back from him afterwards


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      I did the actual opposite to sleeping on Teo. I thought he was guna blow this guy away easy. If anything it looked like Teo and his dad had been sleeping on Kambosos.


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        Originally posted by Robi13 View Post
        Funny how all you little phags cry about “oh Lopez talks so much I don’t like him for it” it’s the hurt bizznes so who gives a phuck stop being so sensitive you little puzzies. Teo is the real deal in that ring regardless if you phags like or don’t like what comes out of that man’s mouth. Just appreciate greatness when you see it! And Teófimo mutha****jn Lopez is special!
        Robi, are you 13 years old?


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            Originally posted by Pigeons View Post

            Robi, are you 13 years old?
            Lol no I’m not unfortunately… I’m much older.. I may act like that at times I apologize mate


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              Yeah for sure, Teo! I was damn near about to fall asleep and was anticipating an early stoppage from you and after a few rounds I started to realize George was doing well and was winning the fight.

              Upon realizing this, my eyes began to grow wider and wider as each round passed, finally culminating with a celebratory blunt to commemorate the rare occasion of a fight that actually turned out to be damn entertaining.


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                Originally posted by PittyPat View Post
                Ughhh, this guy's insufferable. When's the last time he didn't sound like an unlikeable prick? I don't give a shit about Bozo, but I hope he clips this twat.
                And clip him he did. I sure do give a shit now – won me over in a single fight!