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  • Comments Thread For: Taylor: Tommy Fury Has No Pop, Jake Paul Twice as Good as Him

    Combat sports veteran Anthony Taylor expects Youtube star turned boxer Jake Paul to overcome Tommy Fury when they collide next month. Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, won a four round decision over Taylor back in August.
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    This English-Bum Tommy Fury, should of got a draw vs. that t-rex-arm cage-fighter with a losing record, Anthony Taylor. Tommy sucks, he is limited in the pocket, fortunately for Tommy Jake Paul prefers to fight from long-range.

    This fight is probably going to be boring, Tommy is very cautious, he spends a lot of time testing the waters, feinting, moving around, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and the slightest touch makes Fury clinch.


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      Fury might as well pack it in if he can't beat Paul

      This is a legitimate pro boxer vs a novice who's cherry picked non-boxers and struggled against a past his prime, MMA star with wrestling background.

      Fury should win easily
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        I'd wager that Tommy has more pressure on him then Jake does. If Tommy loses I wouldn't go back to the dressing room, just hop in your car and go to a friends house because you'll probably have the rest of the Fury clan waiting with bats in the locker room.
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          Pro boxers are just mortals. They only turn pro as they're better at boxing than at any other thing they do in their life. That's not saying much if they're rubbish at everything else, whether it's academically, or running, or drawing or cooking or whatever. Boxing is the least c rap thing they're interested in.
          So fury losing is a surprise but not shock. Fury has more experience surely that coun ts. If mjw stepped in octagon with Jon jones, I'm assuming Jones would be favourite he's more fight experience.?
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