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Comments Thread For: Shakur Stevenson Punishes, Stops Jamel Herring in Tenth, Wins WBO Title

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  • Originally posted by Jimmy 23 View Post
    Mark my words Shakur will beat Lomachenko
    And mark my words, when Shakur is over 30, a fighter much younger than him will beat him too.
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    • it’s clear the ref had an agenda.. he wanted the fight stopped when he took Herring to the doctor.. there was no reason to stop this fight other then having a clear ulterior motive for betting money purposes



      I am tired of today's referees trying to make it all about themselves. It all started with irritating Kenny Bayless. They get more camera time than the boxers. They are in every shot/every angle - and they still mess up. While Herring was getting beat, there was no need for the referee to stop that fight when he did. Today's referees and refereeing style really needs to be investigated. They are interfering with the outcomes of fights.[/QUOTE]


      • Originally posted by OctoberRed View Post

        I can't believe they said "fans were treated to a loaded undercard tonight"
        Oh it was loaded. Just not with great fights.


        • What an amazing performance by Shakur Stevenson? His performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. He dominated from start to finish. In addition, and more importantly he exposed the much older Jamel Herring as an aging fighter.
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          • Horrible fight between 2 southpaws. I honestly had trouble keeping my eyes open. Yes, Shakur dominated. But so what. Did the ref stop the fight too early ? Of course he did. Was Herring going to pull out a miracle ? No. In my eyes they could've stopped after the 3rd round. I had a strong sense then that the fight was going nowhere. Herring was useless. And it never changed.


            • Originally posted by RetroSpeed05 View Post
              I don't think Shakur will be tested until he comes to 135. 130 is a dead division, only other fighter is Valdez which i don't rate highly either. All the fast, strong, athletically gifted fighters at at 135 at the moment.
              wonder if Bob will make the Valdez fight.
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              • Originally posted by Jimmy 23 View Post
                Mark my words Shakur will beat Lomachenko
                That's the fight that should happen. I don't think SS will get Valdez in the ring, I don't think Loma will get the Teo rematch. They should go at each other if Arum doesn't block it.
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                • Originally posted by Earl-Hickey View Post

                  Herring is what everyone knew he was

                  He was supposed to be an easy knock over job for Frampton, then Frampton turned out to be totally shot and Herring was just in the right place at the right time, then got cashed straight out vs Haney because everyone around him knew he was average.

                  I mean Frampton had been way past it since the quigg fight, he was running on fumes for a good couple of years prior to the Herring fight.

                  I don't know anyone who was rating Herring, I wasn't.
                  This here. He got kod by mini Shak, so they put him on pablum. Beating up old men doesn't make you better, it only hides the flaws.


                  • Great performance. Nash has now put Stevenson into his top 20 P4P, with the potential to rise a lot higher. Fury is obviously the current top man. Nash out.


                    • Originally posted by kingstip9 View Post

                      Fair stoppage?
                      Fans like you are here to water boxing down to a TOUCH boxing standard.

                      you should be fkn ashamed you toss
                      Stoppage was very fair. Herring had baby giraffe legs a few times in this fight. He doesn't have that missile to one shot Shakur. I really thought it was some masterful ish done in the ring. Valdez would get undressed and Loma might be a tad too old.