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Comments Thread For: Herring: Terence Crawford Hates Idea Of Me Fighting Shakur; He Loves Us Both Like Family

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    I feel like its flipped back to the 1960s. Since when was 'gay' an insult? I've had a lot of good friends that preferred doing it with another man. So what? It doesn't make you any less of a human being, or less of a man. You, presumably, discredit Panama Al Brown & Emile Griffiths. Why? If I'm asked to rate a fighter I look at their skills, their heart, their stamina. I don't care who they share their bed with! It ain't none of my business.


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      I don't have a problem with either guy as well. I don't care who wins, I don't dislike either. It's like when the top jr bws fight. I don't cheer for anyone because I know that they have all fought each other and will continue to do so.


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        Originally posted by PeepeePoopooMan View Post

        Just because I'm a pac fan doesn't mean I'm Filipino fvkcing idiot lol how would you even know that it has the highest number of lady boys? Gayass
        Your user name is Poopoo man. Poop comes from your favorite place .. anus. You are a ladyboy and I don’t judge you.
        Google is a good tool to search. Have you never heard of it? Lady boy population is highest in three countries; Thailand, The Philippines and Brazil.
        And you speak Tagalog so I’m sure Poopoo man has some deep context for you.


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          From the TR Blood, Sweat & Tears, it obvious Crawford is rolling with Stevenson despite how herring is trying to spin it