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Comments Thread For: Photos: Gervonta Davis, Rolando Romero - Tense Face To Face at LA Presser

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    You guys are killing me with vicious comments! !!


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      It’s sad that there’s so much potential for 135 to be a fire division and instead it’s a complete joke full of clowns. Teo, Haney, Tank, Garcia. Any combination of these 4 mixing it up would make for great fights : Teo/Tank, Teo/Haney, Teo/Garcia, Tank/Haney, Tank/Garcia, Garcia/Haney add Loma to this mix & boom.

      But no instead Tank jumping up and down chasing secondary titles & according to his own promoter isn’t gonna be fighting any of these guys. Garcia’s got anxiety & depression *rolls eyes* . Haney talks a good game but fights Gamboas, Teo beats Loma & completely squandered all his momentum with this Triller nonsense. Also feels all the other guys are beneath him & sees no need to fight them.

      Loma should just go back down to 130 & try for undisputed there. Otherwise he’s just wasting whatever better days he has left. Tank fight won’t happen, Teo already said no, Garcia’s being moved too carefully, Haney is a possibility but there hasn’t been any real attempt from either side to make that fight & the WBCs constant flip flopping on who actually has the real belt makes Teo vs Haney more logical than any of the other matchups.
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        Originally posted by Zaroku View Post
        You guys are killing me with vicious comments! !!
        They crack me up in here, always without fail they are compelled to hate and moan about someone or something, they hate it all so much why don't they go follow something else that they like.


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            Originally posted by Griever0730 View Post
            Davis looking like a ghetto Pokemon trainer.


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              Why is this fight happening? Am I missing something? Correct me if I'm wrong, but: Tank has the potential to be Elite. Romero has been exposed several times now and is nowhere near even World level. This is a Rod Salka-level opponent for Tank...


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                Why does Rolly always have a look on his face like somebody farted
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                  Originally posted by eco1 View Post
                  **** I have a name for this:

                  Fight of the pimps!

                  F Classless MF's!
                  i was going to say porky v the pimp

                  or pudgy v the pimp maybe
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                    Originally posted by Griever0730 View Post
                    Davis looking like a ghetto Pokemon trainer.
                    Gotta catch them all!!


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                      Originally posted by GrandpaBernard View Post

                      Hood ketchum

                      What are Floyd and Romero wearing in that weather
                      Floyd is sporting the 2020 autumn edition Balmain jacket whilst Romero is sporting the Beijing factory dumpster sheepskin bull****