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Comments Thread For: Photos: Jamel Herring, Shakur Stevenson - Face To Face at Final Presser

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    Originally posted by Hnnnggg View Post

    Nothing wrong with calling someone out on their ***** behavior. Shakur is acting like a petulant child. There is such a thing as respect in combat sports, you’re probably soft as baby ****, trying to conflate support for some social movement to common human decency doesn’t make you a tough guy.
    the shoe fit huh, you pansy?


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      Originally posted by Sweden2716 View Post
      Stevenson another street punk, who should be in jail with Broner. Hits women, beats on defense-less people on the ground. Just a matter of time before Shakur is in jail.
      Stevenson is a low down class less ass.
      Dude gets in one fight 4-5 yrs ago DIDN'T HIT A WOMAN hasn't been in ANY TROUBLE since and he is,, in your eyes, the worst human ever? U didn't speak that harsh about Brian


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        I like Herring. He came over here and gave Frampton a beating. Seems like a good guy too, whereas Stevenson seems like a prat. Would love to see Herring teach him a lesson. Nash out.


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          This new generation of scronny, boring, running black fighters is destroying the sport. These guys should stay in the amateurs. Haney & Stevenson are the worst of the bunch....boring asf, bunch of runners but they still talk ****.