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Mikey Garcia was a Special Fighter who lost love for the game

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    Originally posted by BigDramaShow! View Post

    You dont know shyte about boxing. Sandor Martin beats him at any weight.
    Shut yer mouth and stop posting under 2million usernames.

    Use one, you jobless cu…unt!


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      I don’t think Mikey was ever special. Special slow maybe, because he lost a lot of money just sitting and avoiding all the fights that really mattered.


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        I also thought he was going to be the guy to beat loma at lightweight. Wasn't much of a fan once he moved up past that weight tho


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          He was very good under 135, but that was a long time ago.

          He let’s himself get way out of shape and then fights between 140-147 because he can’t or hasn’t got the motivation to get back down to 135 or under. He’s a small man, he probably doesn’t even belong at 140.

          Some fighters at higher weights can sometimes get away with ballooning up a bit, but you can’t when you should be a featherweight or lightweight, it’ll catch up with you sooner, especially when you’re not that dedicated to the game.


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            Mikey Garcia is a little puto.


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              Originally posted by BigDramaShow! View Post

              OP is a mikey slurper. I remember his username before was War Mikey! And he changed it after he lost to Spence xD
              lol. War Mikey! was my boy. Ask LarryX. that's not me. But would be cool if he's back. homie needs to PM me on the low low


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                hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work