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Comments Thread For: Ward Advises Plant that Key to Fighting Canelo, Power Punchers Is 'Rattling Their Cage'

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    Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post

    You are correct, Saul Alvarez never failed a post fight test, thats because he was not permitted to get in the ring with Clen in the first place

    Like I told you before, get back to me when Clenbuterol is removed from the list of P.E.D's. A professional multimillionaire prizefighter, one of the top richest athletes in the world, should never have any traces of a performance enhancement agent in his system.
    You said “Canelo could be on Clen now.” lol. It doesn’t matter if you state a fighter is POOR or RICH, WADA allows 5ng, 8x Canelo’s amount, for all sports, regardless of wealth. Mexicans, Russians and Chinas can all have trace amounts year long even during the Olympics. How many athletes would that be?

    Clenbuterol is beautiful.


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      Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
      Stop Dre stop now….you better not even think about supporting your own countryman over a foreign fighter….Americans arnt allowed to do that, it triggers the creampuffs
      Was I supposed to like Wilder over Fury because he's American......even after he made all of those pathetic excuses? Simple nationalism is for simple people. I tend to like fighters based on their fighting style. That having been said, I wouldn't mind seeing Plant take Canelo down a couple of pegs. I just don't think it's possible to beat Canelo on points.


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        I agree. Andre Ward is right. One cannot just expect to stick and move on Canelo for twelve straight rounds and expect to be effective against him unless one is an accurate counter puncher like Mayweather.

        Both Lara and Khan attempted to implement that same strategy but failed. That fighting style exhausts a lot of a fighter's energy and stamina punching off the back foot. At some point, one is going to have to back Canelo up and force him to fight off the back foot in order to gain his respect.

        If I was Plant I would grapple and maul Canelo on the inside in order to wear hm down. Besides, Caleb is naturally larger and stronger of the two fighters anyhow.


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          Originally posted by Fighter78 View Post
          Listen guys....Canelo could still lose this fight even if he's on something...but if he comes into this fight clean then HE IS DEFINITELY LOSING....MARK MY WORDS....and this fight might be easy for not ruling that out.

          Canelo just doesn't have an unbeatable style...he's been on an incredible run beating a lot of Europeans and there's nothing wrong with that...but I just don't see Canelo being this unbeatable fighter with his slow footed plodding style....plant actually may be the PERFECT guy to pull off this so-called upset....but based on Canelo's style and recent opponents coupled with the Reynoso camp being known for peds....then take what I know about plant and his abilities.....hmmm...I don't think its an upset at all.

          Plant wins

          Even playing field....Plant DEFINITELY wins

          Mark my words folks. Been a student of this sport for a long time.
          Finally, somebody who sees it & tells it how it is.
          Plant was supposed to get destroyed Uztegai.
          If Canelo wins, it will be by bogus decision.
          Caleb Plant is the dark horse of 168.
          I hope he gets a fair shake; lost his daughter & his mom was killed by police not too long ago so he knows how to deal with adversity


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            Originally posted by Thuglife Nelo View Post

            You said “Canelo could be on Clen now.” lol. It doesn’t matter if you state a fighter is POOR or RICH, WADA allows 5ng, 8x Canelo’s amount, for all sports, regardless of wealth. Mexicans, Russians and Chinas can all have trace amounts year long even during the Olympics. How many athletes would that be?

            Clenbuterol is beautiful.
            Clen does not discriminate! Bring back the happy!


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              Ward made every fight a war of attrition and his training camps were always "near death experiences", so he was always ready to outlast his opponent.


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                Man, Ward is a mastermind, he is very intelligent so I never underestimate what he says, however I do not agree with him on this one, here is my thing, I think rattling the cage works great whne you fighting a fighter that doesn't know how to fight on his backfoot or is not particularly good at fighting at his back foot.

                When Jacobs and Canelo decided to goe toe to toe with GGG it worked very good, same as when Ward did that to Kovalev, however GGG and Kovalev were always guys who based majority of their success as coming forward fighters, Canelo on the other hand can fight very good on his back foot because he is a natural counterpuncher.

                But hey, mayble Plant has some success trying to smother Canelo's work on the inside, afterall he is the bigger guy, however giving how much Canelo was able to push him on the press conference I'd say the strenght difference is not that far apart.

                We'll see, I'm definitely tuning for this fight.


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                  Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post

                  A lot of American fighters are starting to reject the forced political correctness of it all and coming out and bluntly saying they support their countrymen. When you have a promoter like Hearn bluntly saying he supports the Brit when he fights an American why wouldn’t Americans support their own? You have Americans actually supporting foreign fighters due to race or the national origin of their grandparents etc etc. Political correctness is good for toilet paper and wiping ones 4th point of contact. I revel in seeing all these simpleton fans get a case of the red ass over people not supporting the fighters they want everyone to support….I love laughing and pointing at circus monkeys
                  You damn right! Is it so wrong to be proud of who you are and to cheer for your nationality. Like you said Hearn always goes with the national fighter and it's ok but the purse carrying softies in the world get butt hurt when you say your proud to be an American.


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                    Ward can give him all the advice he wants but come fight night I don't believe Plant is capable of implementing such tactics. He might look alright for a round or two but all the pressure Canelo brings is going to be too much and overwhelming for Plant. It is going to be funny seeing Plant clinch to try and survive and **** I'd laugh if he punched Canelo on the balls lmao that would be the icing on the cake


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                      Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post

                      I am aware that Caleb Plant's skills and Ring-IQ fails to meet Andre Ward's elite grade. Nevertheless, Dre's advise has been fruitful in his career and other boxers who have faced a similar opponent with heavy-hands ; like Oleksander Usyk, who was expected to get crushed by the much bigger and powerful-puncher, Anthony Joshua.

                      Saul Alvarez, has promised to end Caleb Plant in the mid-rounds, it would be wise for Plant to have a strong offense prepared to 'ward-off' the dangerous puncher. I would advise Plant to sharpen his uppercut and left hook to counter Canelo's vicious body-attack : keep his ( Plant's ) guard very tight to bock and catch Canelo's hooks to the body, and come-back with short crispy fast combos, and mix-up the shoulder like James Toney instructed Caleb, to create space and allow him to get out of range.

                      If Plant fails to earn Canelo's respect, and decides to focus on boxing with limited offense and surviving, his efforts may be in vain ; as history has proven that beating Saul Alvarez on the cards is very difficult -- even Floyd Mayweather had complicated scores, in spite washing Alvarez.
                      Nice analysis.