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Comments Thread For: Dillian Whyte Suffers Shoulder Injury, Withdraws From Otto Wallin Fight 10/30 In London

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    Originally posted by cushtytaz View Post
    It wasn't long ago Hearn and others were criticising Fury for fighting 'people like Otto Wallin'. Now all of a sudden they're insisting on rematch clauses with him and then ducking it altogether. Matchroom is the laughing stock of boxing right now.
    Indeed. Whyte would need a rematch clause to fight one of Fury`s leftovers, lol.
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      Shoulder injury really if you believe that you will believe anything, his scared of losing his mandatory, tbh I'm surprised he never used covid as an excuse. I feel sorry for Wallin tbh without a payday and a wasted training camp unless they will get another opponent for Wallin.


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        _itch move for sure!


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          Originally posted by BangEM View Post

          You're an idiot.

          As denium if I haven't always picked Whyte to spark Fury.

          You're not even a diehard Fury fan - you're just another muppet jumping on the bandwagon. Piss off!
          I've never said I was a die-hard Fury fan you AJ bellshiner. (Even though I have been saying he was the best hw of this era since he beat Klitschko & picked him to beat Wilder in rematch & said he can ko him, when shinys like you were calling him" featherfisted,boring,1 dimensional,glass chin etc")

          Unlike you I'm a realist,not" a diehard"

          So wind your neck in & take notes boyo,I have been right in predicting almost every fight including when you were claiming Usyk was a bum & that it was a mismatch

          You disowned AJ for like 2 weeks then jumped back on his hypetrain
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            Originally posted by denium View Post

            Well at least the Whyte guys on here can now stop claiming that he's never ducked anyone.
            He also ducked Joshua world title shot, because he wanted to fight Wilder.


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              Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

              Like Fury did with the Klitschko rematch?
              So you've admitted that it's a duck, well done.


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                Last week Frank Warren said he would not have taken the fight and so I knew from then the fight would be called off, this my friends is the story of mis matchroom Boxing
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                  Look @ Hearn interns spin and lie to defend their 2x PED cheat hero. Sad really. This is a forum for boxing fans, not paid propaganda
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                    Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                    Whyte chose Wallin when he didn't need to and there was no demand for it, not really a duck is it.
                    I would say that Whyte wanted to make a statement by knocking Wallin out, but with the Fury fight likely there for him anyway, a shot at the belt, a massive payday, I can understand if he has faked this injury. Whether people want to admit to it or not, Wallin was a danger to Whyte, not saying he'd definitely beat him, but a definite threat. Nash out.


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                      Will be interesting to see what the WBC does here. Was he made mandatory or if he beat Wallin he would then be made mandatory?

                      Shame, because I was really looking forward to this fight.
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