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AJ has left his trainer Rob McCracken

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  • AJ has left his trainer Rob McCracken

    Official. Confirmed by Ronnie shields who AJ went to visit. AJ is looking at a number of trainers to see who he works best with.

    AJ IS BACK! Goodnight Usyk, time to sleep! AJ now going with a proper trainer, he’s going to be unbeatable!

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    He has every right to it’s his career. He’s the one taking all the punches.


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      Abel Sanchez would be a perfect fit for him. Teach him that seek and destroy style which suits him best with his size and power.
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        What will be his excuse if he loses again?


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          I still don’t think he beats Usyk

          I think him leaving McCracken is a good thing though, I think he really needs a change of scenery

          Besides, I think a change of trainer will let people know where he’s really at. If he changes trainers and still looks timid and unwilling to leave it all in the ring, then it’s a problem with himself that he’s not going to overcome.

          He still has those things to overcome anyway, only himself is going to do it that. Fighters change trainers all the time and often it makes no difference if they can’t overcome things on their own too.

          Plus he’s coming up 33, not old for a heavyweight but getting to the age where people would say it’s really hard to change a fighter that much. He’s still a big stiff robot and I don’t think that’s ever going to change at this point.
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            Interesting. Has there been an official statement of this?


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              He's probably just on holiday and visiting a few famous boxing gyms.


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                Originally posted by tritium_arma View Post
                What will be his excuse if he loses again?
                Unlike some other characters in the sport, I don't recall that Joshua offered up any excuses. He congratulated Usyk, exercised his rematch clause, and now he is going to prepare as best he can for the rematch fight.