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LDBC Community Outraged! Want WBC to Force LOPEZ to apologize for calling HANEY the N-word

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    Never understood the appeal of forced apologies.
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      Originally posted by Noelanthony View Post

      Maybe Lopez thinks he is more black than Haney and can use the word.. Haney was not offended by the word and Lopez didnt say it to him to try and disrespect him. However, because im not offended doesnt mean other blacks wouldnt be. This LDBC guy talks too much
      That's what I'm thinking too context is a big deal and like you said Haney didnt seem bothered by it but there are some soft people in the world too. It seems thick skinned people are few and far between.
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        Originally posted by Thuglife Nelo View Post

        Lol. Right, and that’s why you love Caleb Plant? You weird
        You hear Caleb dropping N bombs because I don’t? And I like who I like so why do you give a fcuk?


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          Originally posted by Get em up View Post

          You a p-ssy, man,” Haney repeatedly shot back.

          The line seemed to strike a nerve.

          “I ain’t a p-ssy, n---a,” Lopez stated. “Never been, not on my blood. Never been. I’m from New York, n---a. You’ve been fed from a silver spoon your whole life. I know that ****.”

          “Make the fight, then,” insisted Haney.

          “Sign the f-----’ contract, then,” replied Lopez.

          “What contract,” Haney exclaimed in wonderment. “What contract you want me to sign?”

          It seems they had a back and forth bunch of bull**** during the Garcia/Martin spectacle. I'm guessing Hearn set it up to promote Lopez on Dazn and Haney vs Diaz. Teo and his Dad need to get their **** straight before they mess around and get shunned by the entire boxing community.
          Lol nobody gonna shun Lopez. He'll become irrelevant before that happens. Lmao your so hurt he used a word hankey didn't even get mad


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            Originally posted by GrandpaBernard View Post
            Ldbc is ******ed

            blacks call other complexions n-gga all the time
            yeah but towards other black people, even if light skinned or biracial. teo is not black at all.


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              Originally posted by Noelanthony View Post

              Ask Loma he knows. He has his old belt. How's Loma's fight vs Commey transpiring? A battle of the former champions that both lost to Lopez
              You sound like a little ******. Loma wants Lopez.. Lopez is running from Loma... Lopez got beat up by Loma.

              Wake up ****** *****.


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                The fact ya'll look at this bull**** and think its cool is a ****ing joke.


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                  apologize????? Call him a name back!!! There are many to choose from.
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                    Another LDBC thread from this guy. I'm shocked!!!! How many is that today?


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                      Originally posted by Outwest Exp 355 View Post
                      To be honest with you when a Spanish kat uses the N word I don’t get offended. Someone white says it that’s a different story.
                      Just shows you are a bigot .
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