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Comments Thread For: Fury's Father: Does Joshua Ever Beat Tyson and Wilder? Definitely Not!

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    Originally posted by Jayallday9 View Post
    AJ will give Fury much tougher fight than people expect.. Matter of fact he has the best chance to beat Fury..
    I always thought this and still believe this but not if he chooses to fight the way he fought Usyk and tries to box Fury because he will not hit him once. Having said that FURY will never stand, walk AJ down and just trade like he did with Wilder. At least half of Wilder's opponents and we are talking about mediocre C level fighters have out boxed Wilder . None were committed enough to stay in his face and keep battering him.


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      AJ a fraud. Nothing new there. He’s a body builder not so much a fighter he likes the life .it’s not a bad thing he does good he is role model but he’s not the top fighter and he never was. He was the flavour of the month
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        There you have it! It's now official! Anthony Joshua doesn't have any heart! The difference I see between Deontay and AJ is that Wilder is damaged physically but Joshua is damaged mentally. I still believe that Joshua and Wilder would make for a very interesting and terrific fight. though!
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          If aj loses again vs Usyk, I guess he'll just retire.

          They know he would be destroyed vs Fury and also vs Wilder. He would also probably lose again vs a fitter Ruiz (not the version that barely overcame arreola, though) and would lose vs JJ and Hrgovich, too.


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            totally agree !

            in fact, I don't think Joshua will ever consider fighting Wilder... no chance

            we know they avoided Wilder TWICE in 2018... no chance they will even consider that fight at this point, with nothing on the line

            and he aint beating Fury, no chance of that happening either

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              Originally posted by Gypshot View Post
              Funny how the Fury’s are all of a sudden playing up wilder because it benifits them. Lol
              They've always played up Wilder. Before and after the fight...

              Maybe, just maybe, it's because he's actually a tough opponent???
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                Originally posted by sleazyfellow View Post

                OK but does he have the feet to be fleet footed


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                  I think he beats Wilder (its borderline coin flip though) but not Fury. These fights need to happen regardless because speculation and assumption is not enough.


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                    So fury senior thinks in fantasy fights wilder and fury beat josh, that's all good. But they are of same era so will fight then we will see.
                    Fury will beat Josh and Josh beats wilder That's the outcome in my fantasy match up​​
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                      Joshua can beat Wilder, if he doesn't get caught with a big right hand. Also, Wilder might not be the same after the beatings he took from Fury in the last two fights.

                      I can't see AJ or any other heavyweight beating Fury. Usyk could have a chance if Fury didn't fight the right fight, but otherwise he's head and shoulders above any other fighter.