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Comments Thread For: Ugas Voices Displeasure Over WBA Welterweight Box-Off, Campaigns For Showdown With Spence

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  • Comments Thread For: Ugas Voices Displeasure Over WBA Welterweight Box-Off, Campaigns For Showdown With Spence

    Yordenis Ugas remains in search of championship treatment two months after the biggest win of his career. The reigning WBA "Super" welterweight titlist has voiced his displeasure over an ordered tournament at his weight, which functionally disrupts any plans for a title unification clash. Ugas hoped to parlay his win over the legendary Manny Pacquiao this past August into a three-belt showdown with WBC/IBF champ Errol Spence (27-0, 21KOs) but instead finds himself no fewer than two fights away from reaching that goal.
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    Ugas is right, all these other WBA claimants should fight each other with the winner getting a shot at the Super title at the end. In the meantime, if Spence is healthy, make the damn unification fight.
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      Better forget the whole WBA championship.


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        WBA does Cubans dirty, the whole Rigo, LSC and Framptob situation was disgusting.
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          Let Ugas fight Spence so the winner can fight for undisputed against the Porter and Crawford winner!! Stop postponing sh**
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            Ugas definitely deserves a shot at Spence but I'm really looking forward to the inevitable Ugas-James rematch.


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              Ugas is 100% correct


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                I would throw that belt in the trash, burn it and then piss on it.


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                  The WBA is worse than a joke.
                  The sooner we all stop recognizing these alphabet organizations, the better.


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                    Ugas is fooling himself if he thinks he will talk sense into the WBA.

                    These organizations pick and choose their champions. They basically manufacture some of these titleholders. They manipulate their own rankings as they see fit. The belts go to the highest bidder, or whoever has the promoter with the most influence. Same difference.

                    Boxing organizations have made fans so cynical due to their BS. I was not around for the one-belt era but we can really use that right now.

                    There is air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, and so on.

                    Now, I am introducing a much lesser type of pollution. It is no where near as bad as the environmental pollutions I mentioned. This one is called: Belt pollution.

                    These organizations have polluted boxing with all of their belts and the shenanigans that have come with them.

                    But just like all of these other kinds of pollutions on Earth, nothing will be done to stop them or lessen the blow. It is not in human nature to do so. Instead, belt pollution will just keep getting worse just like all other types of pollution.

                    The most surprising thing to me is, how the heck has this multiple champions per weight class thing not spilled into the other major sports? Let’s have two Super Bowl’s per year, with 4 teams. The 2 champions may or not face eachother, it depends if the money is right. And let’s have 2 World Series while we are at it?