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Comments Thread For: Teofimo Lopez, Devin Haney Engage In Lengthy, Explicit War of Words Ringside In Fresno

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    Nobody is calling out Loma because he's a nonentity in the division now. Call Loma out for what? His fanboys can't accept the fact that Loma was a good fighter but nothing great. Loma was a wrong venture for Lopez, too, for it had gained him nothing. Lopez is far from a star, even after beating Loma in a one-sided fight. The guy can't sell a theater on his own as the Triller venture had demonstrated. Five failed dates. Loma's fanboys can't wish him into relevancy. Back of the line. I don't think he'll make it back.

    As a Loma fan, tho, I wouldn't mind Gervonta giving him a shot.
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      “We run this sh/t”

      Should have been responded to by saying “You run and hug”.

      Haney is over there pretending everyone will forget what happened in the Linares fight.


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        Originally posted by Cypocryphy View Post

        LOL Yeah, that's probably true. I think a fight with Prograis would be a blood bath. It'd bee good for us fans, no doubt. But it might be a bad business decision for Lopez. Might as well fight for a belt than to go that route. It would be interesting to see a Pedraza fight. Loma's fighting Lopez's previous opponents and then Lopez fights a previous opponent of Loma. That'd be interesting.

        BTW: I'd pick Prograis to win that fight, if it were to ever happen. Love Prograis. Fantastic boxer.
        A Prograis fight would be better, for sure. And I'd probably favour Prograis also. I'm a Taylor fan, but I've become a fan of Regis since and can't wait to see him in a big,big fight. On the undercard of Lomas last fight, Pedraza fought Julien Rodriguez, and when asked of future options for TEO, Bob said, if, after Kambosos Teo wanted to fight at 140 and Taylor wasn't available, then he could fight the winner of this fight. Which turned out to be Pedraza. And that's in-house also. I hope we get Lopez vs Haney as Josh will be more interested in fighting Teo then and I'd very much like that fight. And Lopez,Haney is a great fight anyway. So many great options though. We just need some of them made lol.


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          these two are close enough to almost sniff each other


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            Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post
            Wow! I think I lost brain cells reading that.
            I'm absolutely positive everybody that read it just got dumber