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Comments Thread For: Wilder: I Congratulate Fury For His Victory, Thank You For The Great Historical Memories

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  • Originally posted by Kzbox View Post
    What you guys think?

    bronzebomber Wow, what a hell of a night! I would like to first and foremost thank God for allowing me to give the world another part of me that’s driven with passion and determination. I would like to thank my team and my fans for sticking by my side through this long process. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed in the outcome but after reflecting on my journey, I now see that what God wanted me to experience is far greater than what I expected to happen. We didn’t get the win but a wise man once said the victories are within the lessons. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to lose to win. Although, I wanted the win I enjoyed seeing the fans win even more. Hopefully, I proved that I am a true Warrior and a true King in this sport. Hopefully, WE proved that no matter how hard you get hit with trials and tribulations you can always pick yourself up to live and fight again for what you believe in. Last but not least I would like to congratulate @gypsyking101for his victory and thank you for the great historical memories that will last forever.
    Who the hell wrote that? Noooooo Not Deonpie!


    • Originally posted by snowdog View Post

      That's right. Him saying congrats to Fury isn't enough for me personally. He needs to apologise, or meet up with Fury and shake his hand like he should have done in the first place.

      Us Brits take sportsmanship VERY seriously over here.
      Yes, I clearly remember how sporty you Brits were back when Hagler sliced up Minter back in 1980.
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      • Originally posted by denium View Post
        Very nice words from Deontay, he's now gained even more respect from me.

        I was never really a fan of Wilder, but his guts and heart in that fight won me over. And as far as the non-handshake deal, look, sometimes it's extremely hard to accept defeat. But eventually he did, and graciously so ultimately. Better late than never.

        I geniunely wish the best for him.


        • Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
          A lot of kids and incels talking about “wilder needs to do this and wilder needs to do that…” blah blah blah. As a close friend of mine from the Army, outstanding black NCO, said he “doesn’t need to do anything but stay black and die.” I can think of nothing more nerdy than going on social media abs ranting about what wilder needs to do. Great that he can say all this but he didn’t “need” to, he did it because he wanted to. He was the one in the fight not you little nerds. Ain’t nobody demanded an apology or anything else after fury got his hand slapped for trying to renege on his contracted third fight. I swear lol…
          Regardless of who prompted him to wrote this or why, he did write it and I think he will be the better for it.

          When Wilder refused to congratulate the winner, it made him look a bit small and petty. Now he doesn't. Good on him.


          • So now he's blaming God for the loss? What next!
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            • Wilder is gracious now, and people still want to hate him. It doesn't matter if he shows class or not, people will find reasons to hate and be negative. Like the great mike tyson once said, "Even If I was eloquent with you, you will still look at me as a scumbag anyway".
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              • Good for him. He was able to go out on his shield


                • Well done Wilder!! You are brilliant for the sport.

                  I personally know of new casual fans having been attracted to the sport because of this trilogy - even a 40+ year old Peruvian lady living in Ecuador South America.


                  • Originally posted by Marchegiano View Post
                    That's good to hear. I guess he needed some time but that's fine, dude's not being a pansy ass about it. Champ will be back.
                    You know whats great about this fight bub? Everyone is RIGHT! That shot that dropped Fury? One of them at least? had to launch a tooth into the moon! So Wilder did get his blast, Fury beat him up a bit, so that was true... Everyone can be happy!


                    • Originally posted by IAMTHAT View Post
                      My favorite: "in line with manager Shelly Finkel’s post-fight claim of a targeted Spring 2022 ring return." Honestly, cannot wait.

                      Heavyweight just became my #1 weight class to follow with Usyk, Fury, Wilder, and AJ to still put on some great shows and a small breed of guys coming up to put an end to them.

                      And props to Wilder - meditations are slowly paying off. I been noticing some beautiful changes in the man. To paraphrase Suzuki Roshi, "We are all perfect and we can all be a little better". That's what life is about. Looking inside and seeing we are perfect, looking outside and seeing room to grow.
                      What do you know of Suzuki Roshi?