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    Originally posted by Vlad_ View Post
    Where did Loma touch you?

    The guys got issues. The biggest being he doesn't know **** about boxing lol.


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      Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
      Nah, I think that title goes to Canelo Alvarez! Fury was dropped 4 times in his last 3 fights, and has only one title in his weight class! Canelo is going for ALL FOUR at 168, and has already been Champ at 154, 160, and 175! Love him or hate him, Canelo is the King!
      When you say you "think" the current p4p designation belongs to Canelo (with which I agree) you prove the point that's it is all about opinion. In my opinion a 277 pound version of Canelo would be an unbeatable monster at heavyweight.


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        Originally posted by Rodtang View Post
        P4P lists are nonsense. You can not say one fighter is better than another when they fight in completely different weight divisions. Comparing fighters from different era's is also pointless. Totally different fighters perhaps different rules and regulations. How do you compare a guy who fights 12 rounders to a guy who fought 15 rounders for example. The only thing you can compare is current competitors within the same weight division. And even then it's subjective unless they actually have the fights. Beating the same guy continually only proves your better than that guy.
        Oh, you can tell when one fighter is better at the art and science of boxing.

        Prime Chocolatito was a far more skillful boxer than any version of Nikolai Valuev for example.

        That's why P4P is not meaningless. It acknowledges and respects Chocolatito's mastery, even if he had no chance of beating Valuev head-to-head just because of size.
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          Originally posted by denium View Post
          P4P is a complete load of rubbish, made up so little boxers can feel better about themselves.

          Tyson Fury is the best boxer in the world because nobody from any division can beat him in a fight.
          Best boxer? Absolutely not! Most likely to defeat all other boxers due to size and great (but not the greatest) skills, probably.


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            Originally posted by denium View Post

            Like someone just said, size does matter.

            Put Canelo in with Fury and see what happens to him.
            I think you are saying that at some point size trumps skills.


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              Originally posted by denium View Post

              Speculation. Fury is ranked #1
              You'd have to agree that how Fury is ranked is based on the opinions of those doing the rankings.


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                Originally posted by MrShakeAndBake View Post

                Lennox was the best heavyweight ever, and thats coming from Klitschko fan..
                Ever?? No that designation belongs (imo) to Muhammad Ali.
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                  Originally posted by KingOfGlory View Post

                  The current P4P #1 is a redheaded Irishman. What exactly is your point?
                  Didn't you mean to say a red headed Mexican?


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                    Originally posted by OldTerry View Post

                    You'd have to agree that how Fury is ranked is based on the opinions of those doing the rankings.
                    The opinions of people who matter.


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                      I guess P4P lists are kind of meaningless. They're subjective, but they're fun to discuss too. As long as boxing is around, they'll be P4P lists, fantasy fight discussions etc.

                      It can be enjoyed while not being taken too serious. It's part of boxing.