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Comments Thread For: Teddy Atlas Reacts To Wilder's Refusal To Shake Hands With Tyson Fury

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    Originally posted by Boxing Goat View Post

    Funny you bring that up, but do you have any idea how many voting discrepancies there are in the 2020 election? I bet you don't and yet, you still say things like this. And congrats on Brandon's performance in the white house, a real winner
    Everyone loves Brandon, didn’t you hear how crowds everywhere are cheering for him. There’s no malarkey with Brandon.
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      Did anyone expect anything more of Wilder? We already knew he is a classless piece of shyt. He wasn't going to find humility in another defeat.

      Sometimes fighters genuinely dislike one another. Wilder and Fury had a heated rivalry and each of them said things to get under the other's skin. I don't have a problem with Wilder not shaking his hand afterward, but I expected nothing less. After his pathetic list of excuses in his last loss to Fury, no one should be surprised he wouldn't shake hands.

      I don't agree with Teddy's assessment of Joshua. He accepted his losses like a man and didn't offer endless bullshyt excuses. He respected his opponents and they respected him in return. Wish we had more of that in boxing.
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        Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

        Greeny! Why are you doing this? This is an open and public forum and you are one of NSB's most knowledgeable posters. So don't disgrace yourself here.
        I'm telling the truth
        You owe me $100 and You played me along for 5 days
        Hence my reaction
        Not gonna go away easy........
        You've done an excellent job of disgracing yourself already
        Enjoy your night


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          Originally posted by greeneye99 View Post

          Nevermind what Wilder's doesn't owe Fury
          You should pay what You Owe me....
          You full of BS Fan boy!

          Please send me a PM about the bet and a link to the thread he agreed to terms on.


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            Originally posted by LoadedWraps View Post

            Please send me a PM about the bet and a link to the thread he agreed to terms on.
            Why.. What good would that do?
            He still won't pay up
            Champion4ever & I spoke about this Bet numerous times under nearly Fury/Wilder Article for last six months
            Hes now known as


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              Originally posted by Boxingfanatic75 View Post

              The man you speak of has forgotten more about boxing than you and I will ever know combined.
              Location location location... walked into a bad neighbourhood... pressure busts pipes.. and so on. And his righteousness! His speeches! Oh my f***** god! Can't stand the man, sorry. Very overrated as a coach, and even more as a commentator. Self absorbed, annoying and overdramatic. But you are entitled to your own opinion, and if you love the man, well good for you.


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                Wilder has had to put up with a lot of Fury's words, jokes, criticisms over the years on the one hand. He does a lot of good now Fury but he's no stranger to saying some sh1*ty things.

                But then in a way Fury has put up with a lot. He probably could have been far more scathing and seeking of penalties, for all the nasty baseless accusations of Wilder around cheating. Wilders excuses spread all over the place to Fury, Fury's team, Wilders coach, his own costume, it just became so patently obvious that its his own poor character. So not shaking hands whilst yes concussed, still further shows his tendency to be bad natured rather than good natured.

                The man's full of excuses. He has said some better stuff post fight now though.
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                  Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

                  Listen, fellas! Everything I said about Fury and his fans after his trilogy blah, blah, blah Tyson Fury that is left entirely up to him. However, one thing is for sure I shall support whatever decision he does decide to make.

                  Cut it out. Have you paid that $100 bet yet?


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                    Originally posted by Jack_sh*t View Post

                    Cut it out. Have you paid that $100 bet yet?
                    That's none of your damn business!


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                      Originally posted by LoadedWraps View Post

                      Please send me a PM about the bet and a link to the thread he agreed to terms on.
                      Better yet why don't you ask me and i would give you the 411 on the bet? Don't choose sides. Hear both sides of the story.
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