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Comments Thread For: Teddy Atlas Reacts To Wilder's Refusal To Shake Hands With Tyson Fury

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    Originally posted by chicken- View Post

    Fury's weight advantage was a major factor in people picking Fury to win and everyone agrees it had a major factor in the fight. I'm not sure that's an excuse as much as a valid reason. He did say he did everything he could and it wasn't good enough, I'm not sure what else people want him to say. He clearly needed to tell himself all those things were true in order to psych himself up to fight again, and he earned most people's respect despite that bs and him not shaking hands.

    I watched the podcast Atlas said these things in, and another good point he made is Wilder's terrible left hooks is what got him damaged the most. His trainers should have banned him from ever throwing a left hook because he's terrible at it and leaves himself completely exposed for shots he doesn't even see coming. All the biggest shots he took were a direct result of that, including the final KO punch.
    Fury’s weight advantage existed in 2nd beatdown and was about the ONLY excuse Wilder and his fans didn’t use after that one-sided azz-whipping! So why bring it up after the 3rd beatdown? Fury didnt even use the weight advantage in the 1st fight! Left hook? Is the wat got him beatdown in the 2nd? And respect for getting beatdown a 2nd time and going “out on ur shield” face first?


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      Originally posted by PRINCEKOOL View Post

      Yes, there is a strange Culture in boxing these days. Where people honestly, like to pretend they are all compassionate.

      'I call it the matey matey culture'.

      Go and check the comments under Usyk vs Joshua pre and post fight videos on you tube. And you will see a whole mass of people, gushing over sportsmanship.

      I could not careless, the only respect Deontay Wilder needed to show Tyson Fury 'Was to prepare and not cheat'.

      Even on this forum, every-time there is a big fight weekend 'People act up, like the really care that much about the fighters'.

      It is completely fake behavior, from the people on this forum and even the public.

      I understand why Deontay Wilder is acting the way he is 'His attitude inside he ring, also shows up outside the ring'.

      In his mind, Tyson Fury is his enemy 'He has lost a battle, but he is most likely clinging onto the optimism that the war is not over'.

      I would not advise, or promote all sportsmen to act like Wilder 'But he is expressing himself authentically'.

      Woah, you've been on the roll today with the smart posts

      Its like the AJ fans have finally found a sense of perspective


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        Originally posted by mxtali View Post
        Anybody crying about wilder not shaking his hand is soft. Not only was the guy out of it clearly, there’s a reason it was a dogfight. Because both men are dogs. Wilder with every ounce of his being wanted to beat Fury. It’s gonna take time for him to accept that as hard as he tried he couldn’t do it.
        Here's what funny.

        Leonard/Hagler - "The Super Fight".

        Hagler was so pissed at the scores and the outcome that not only did he not show respect, he never really forgave Leonard, he left the F'n US and went into isolation until Fight Night Round 3 came out. Then was hardly ever seen again.

        Nobody criticized Hagler for that "lack of sportsmanship".

        The current boxing community - if we can call it that anymore - has definitely gone SAWFT. They don't understand grudge matches. They don't understand when fighters pour everything into something and fall short, regardless of why, some fighters have their pride. And I respect those fighters for sticking to that pride. Don't do what the fans expect you to do just because of social media. Be your own damn man.

        Wilder is the only current heavyweight that went in the ring and backed up what he said - which was he will literally try to fight until he can't stand.

        Instead of Frank "Don't Touch Me" Sanchez or Anthony "Catch Me" Joshua or Prince Charles "I'm just going to lay here" Martin or Curtis "I'm Out" Harper, or any of these other fighters who aren't true warriors. F 'em
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          Double edged sword there, but I am a firm believer of showing respect to the guy you've went to war with 3 times. I do understand 100% that after being beaten soundly again, its tough to accept and your spirits are really broken. At the end of the day, you should make an effort to at least tell the guy, "good fight man"


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            Originally posted by mromano View Post
            Double edged sword there, but I am a firm believer of showing respect to the guy you've went to war with 3 times. I do understand 100% that after being beaten soundly again, its tough to accept and your spirits are really broken. At the end of the day, you should make an effort to at least tell the guy, "good fight man"
            Hagler didn't. What's the difference?


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              Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

              Fuk Teddy, he has always been overrated and had it not been for working with Mike early on, we would never know who he is! Name one fighter he has built up by himself not one that was established already and later elevated him further because they won. Teddy has not reinvented the wheel fir sure, and is nothing but a motivational speaker in the corner. Fuk U 2!
              I don't think Teddy is overrated in terms of his knowledge of the game and how to train fighters. However, I am 100% on board with you about building a fighter up from no one to something special. Anyone he ever trained to my knowledge was already an established fighter.


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                Wilder's a SORE LOSER and he should never given a pass to live it down...until he comes out and speaks on his own behalf. Nobody likes a sore loser and Wilder knows that as well as anybody.

                The big question here is, would Wilder have shaken Fury's hand if he stopped Fury? Probably not.

                I've seen Wilder knock out PLENTY of guys and try to walk to their corners to give the obligatory handshake followed by a, "Good fight, man," or whatever they say nowadays. Yes, AJ may have been a bit too easy going about losing but he's not dumb like Wilder either...he knows the world saw what happened so there's no need to be an a-hole about it.

                This is the same guy [Wilder] who said "No" to a possible 4th fight because he knows he's limited and had a plan to go in there and land that one stupid punch to close out the trilogy...KNOWING he was given a gift in the first fight.

                As a matter of fact, Wilder can keep his handshake and use that same hand to "hold the phone" next time so he wont get KTFO.

                PS: Didn't Wilder do an interview after AJ lost to Ruiz and pretty much rubbed it in? So, he'll do an extended interview about another man losing but won't speak up after he's been defeated!? Typical.

                All he had was the WBC belt and that right hand....both of which were taken away. Now what?


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                  Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                  That's right Teddy. Wilder doesn't owe Fury anything. So he doesn't have to shake hands with him if he doesn't want to.

                  Wilder considers him his enemy now who; At first he didn't until Fury attempted to deliberately, disfigure, permanently and fatally injure him in their rematch. Which is hard for anyone to forgive.

                  So, It's safe to say that Tyson shall remain in Deontay's shit house for a very long time now. Unless, Fury comes clean about confessing and repenting for his transgressions he committed against him that night. So fuck that motherfucker!
                  Yeah yeah yeah. You are the biggest bag of wind on here. Before the fight you were talking about how Fury can't "cheat" and would get demolished by Deontay in a fair fight. Now that Fury beat his ass fair and square (again), you're still talking out of your arse and accusing Fury of nonsensical gibberish.
                  Transgressions he committed? WTF are you talking about? Wilder was the one talking about wanting a body on his record and being out for blood. It's a fight you moron. They are in their to damage their opponent. It's the FIGHT GAME. What did you think Fury was going to take it easy on Wilder after all the lies he spewed and excuses he made.
                  I don't know who's a more delusional, whiny biatch, you or Wilder.
                  Just keep playing Wilder's "greatest hits" and Trump's 2016 inauguration on repeat and you can stay in the fantasy world in your head.
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                    Originally posted by Monty Fisto View Post

                    Atlas' claim about concussion is a reasonable point and I think regardless after a violent encounter when a fighter is exhausted, it's probably not top of his list of priorities to shake hands with the guy that just knocked him out.

                    At the same time, it does fit into the context of Wilder being a terrible loser after the second fight, nor is shaking hands and showing some grace in defeat something that has been dreamt up in the wake of this fight by Wilder haters.

                    To claim that only Wilder haters care about good sportmanship is flat out ridiculous. I can assure you, people not liking sore losers did not begin with Wilder.
                    The reason I call out wilder haters is because I’ve seen McGregor on the floor with a broken leg talk skit to his opponent till the end. Every time Cotto lost the guy left the ring without pleasantries and not a peep out of fake politically correct people. Number of topics we can chat about in regards to a great fight. But the distain for wilder is so much haters are reduced to nitpicking about a snubbed hand shake.

                    id have a problem shaking a mans hand who said f your mother before the fight and licked blood off me in the second fight. And forget what everyone else thinks about wilder allegations concerning the second fight. Wilder has the right to believe he was cheated and to not shake the hand of a man he thinks didn’t give him a fair fight.


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                      It's boxing....they will see each other 500 more times at other fights, in the gyms, boxing public events, media outlets, and more. They will shake hands eventually.