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Why Do People In The UK Like Anthony Joshua so much more than Fury?

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  • He won Superheavyweight Gold at the London Olympics.


    • Originally posted by Smash View Post
      does he have any endorsements like joshua does? i dont know u can tell me
      You cannot be serious? There is no comparison between Fury and Joshua when it comes to how marketable they are. And it has nothing to do with race.

      AJ is a good looking guy who won gold in the olympics, had explosive stoppage wins and doesn't ever say or do anything as outrageous as Fury. He is a marketing dream.
      Fury on the other hand, not so much.
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      • Because they're a bunch of C@ckolds like Khan and want to watch their wives getting fuked by AJ like sic FUKS!!!


        • Losers usually like Losers is another reason


          • Originally posted by Noelanthony View Post
            I'm just playing
            Ah yes, I couldnt tell cause I thought i messed something up again cause english isnt my native tongue.
            I know a guy called Anthony from Philadelphia, cool guy, also boxing fan from northern philadelphia. What a coincidence it would be if you are him?
            God bless you bro
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            • Originally posted by KingGilgamesh View Post
              Its complicated.

              Joshua was more popular for vast chunk of their recent careers. Kinda justifiably so. He was active, competed in the olympics, didn't get banned for Nandrolone, etc.

              At the same time, I always feel the UK struggles to embrace more talented fighters if they're more "problematic". Lewis similarly didn't do much to ingratiate himself with the public and thus was largely treated with less affection than Bruno, his inferior rival. To most genuine fight fans, Fury has always, ALWAYS been considered the better boxer. I've not met a single guy in any gym who would have put AJ over him, even before his wins over Wilder.

              Then again, you also have British politics which has further complicated things. Fury wasn't really all that popular back in 2016 with his comments on gays and women. If you check out his infamous Channel 4 interviews, you can clearly a lot of the discourse being around how much of a wanker he is. Problem is, the UK has been steadily shifting increasingly to the right for the past decade. Whilst the conservative government has been in power since 2010, it was mostly governed by Teresa May/Cameron types...centre righties. That took a MAJOR shift once Brexit happened. The government started pandering to the right and, in turn, guys like Fury turned from beligerant drug cheats, to downtrodden working class "men of the people". Just read the comments about him in the Daily Mail and its kinda incredible how public opinion has turned so swiftly. You then add Joshua comments during the 2020 BLM protests and I think it was pretty much a wrap for his mainstream popularity outside of young millennial/urban boxing fans.

              I think Fury has captured the public imagination of the UK for the forseeable future. I suspect his next PPV will likely outsell Joshua's. Whether that becomes a permanent fixture is yet to be seen. After all, you're only one bad performance from the proverbial dustheap. One thing that is interesting though, is that I think the fairweather white racists have definitely found a new god in Fury. Whilst I often remember a lot of white viewers clinging to eastern european "great white hopes", EE's for the large part have too big a cultural gulf to be considered ideological compatriots. Fury changes this now. I legit think he will become the new McGregor in the US at least.
              Great post


              • A.J has defended titles and has those knockout highlights. It’s basically that as well as Fury going off the rails after he defeated Klitschko attacking everyone’s ethnicity and lifestyle . He was done after that being a great representative fir boxing . He’s made some good progression getting some of it back but A.J is way to far ahead to change that . Only a win over A.J himself would change that .

                In the end the entire U.K was waiting for A.J to turn pro and he sold out his debut at the 02 ,U.K fans weren’t sold on
                Fury getting flattened by Cunningham in Madison Square Garden ,it’s apples and oranges . A.J had the style and better brains behind him marketing him .
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                • Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                  Fury had a more privileged upbringing, read some of his early interviews. He didn't even know a gypsy other than his family, he was raised in a nice house and went to a posh school. Joshua was raised on a council estate.

                  "We grew up in a posh area called Styal in Wilmslow, Cheshire," Tyson explains. "My dad provided us with a nice home. I was very privileged as a child.

                  "We weren’t around all the travellers on the sites. The only travellers we knew were our own family and cousins. The school I went to had 47 kids in it. It was a really posh primary school – Prince Charles even visited us. There was no racial prejudice or abuse or anything."

                  The crazy thing is how Fury really portrays himself and everyone bought into compared to a A.J who really had no connections to boxing and was a brick layer struggling in the real world. Fury was groomed to be a fighter and was well taking care of in comparison . Fury actually took the short cuts anyway while A.J hung in there and was determined to win some type of Olympic medal and really dove in the deep end of pro boxing right away .
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                  • length and girth

                    Tyson may be taller but rumor has it that Joshua is bigger where it really counts


                    • It has been very educational to hear some across the pond, and who understand British society wage a war of words... I enjoy everybody's perspective, not sure there is a right or wrong... I do think there are always people marginalized... I can definitely see a relationship between Fury and his supposed Travelor heritage and some of the American Indian Tribes... people don't know but some tribes are very rich because of gambling, while others are really poor.

                      There are always those marginalized. Thats a reality.

                      Can a Brit tell me if a "council estate" is like what we call the "projects?" here in the states?