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do you consider the 3rd Fury/Wilder fight as one sided as the 2nd fight?

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  • do you consider the 3rd Fury/Wilder fight as one sided as the 2nd fight?

    do you consider it as one sided as the second fight or equally as one sided or was it straight up competitive?

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    Even in 10th where Fury dropped him bad, Wilder still came back at the end connecting a lot on Fury


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      It takes two to tango man. There is no Ali If there is no Frazier, there is no Evander without Bowe. Deontay Wilder is the second best heavy weight in the world. Tyson is the baddest man on the planet. I've been a wilder fan since day one. He has been oppressed since fury-wilder two. NOBODY gave him a shot and they laughed off malik Scott. What he did tonight was impressive. He threw so much shut against the wall that some of it stuck. Tyson fury, But he is blessed with all the qualities of a heavyweight champion. Gutcheckable, fast, mean, stubborn, accurate little punches, crazy fast twitch, a boxing mind / high IQ and a propensity to believe in Jesus. He at least acknowledges that deontay wilder is a somebody. He was a blessing to us, the way he dropped opponent after every opponent, even with pins in his hand from sprains/ breaks. . But honestly, every ma****er was hating on deontay. Did it break him? No like in his humiliating first interview he said he would rise up like a phoenix. That he did. People don't respect the bronze bomber because he talks different, dresses different, has hip hop coursing through his veins. It's not his fault that he is hip and urbane.. I never heard deontay ever drag down the culture. He is a proud American and. It's time to rise up in this culture. the notion of making it out of hard times, poverty, a daughter with a disability, a late start in the sport. Wilder is a good dude, great for the sport. They (him and fury) made a classic last Saturday night and an also as great trilogy.


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        it was not impressive, he fought a fat, out of shape Fury and lost again.