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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder To Have Surgery on Hand, Return Eyed For Mid-2022

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    Originally posted by joe strong View Post
    The one thing I haven’t seen commented on which was frigging hilarious happened during one of the undercard fights.They went to Fury’s locker room while his hands were being wrapped. Jay Deas was there watching & Fury looked at Deas & said he better watch closely because he missed the knuckle dusters last time…

    I commented in the RBR thread that conspiracy theorists will have a ball with it.

    But because of the epic war, that I think most of us did not expect, most people probably forgot.
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      Originally posted by killakali View Post
      i Dont really give a sh it about wilder or fury both are typo of the heavyweight dicción. Just that Fury is in a class by himself and miles above the rest of the division.

      wilder did take a lot of damage in his last 2 fights and is 35 years old. His legs were so weak the last two fights so you have to prepare yourself for the fact that there’s a good chance he won’t be the same anymore.

      I just don’t get how some fans are so obsessed with wilder. Much more so than any other fighter that they start to make up so many excuses for him. The d ick riding really is next level.
      Well if that's the case and Wilder is damaged goods then he should never win another fight again right? Also, as far dick riding Wilder fans you were the one who was blowing off Fury in your first paragraph by saying "He is in a class by himself and miles above the rest of the division"

      Oh yeah;? In one of the weakest heavyweight eras in history. Defeating Wilder shouldn't count because he doesn't supposed to know how to fight any way but I saw him floor the best heavyweight on the planet not once but twice on Saturday night in the same round. .

      You Wilder haters want to have it both ways. When he wins you say oh he ain't shit. He only defeated bums and tomato cans but when he lose ya'll haters try to make out like Deontay Wilder is the best thing since sliced bread and greatest heavyweight that ever lived in order to help boost Tyson Fury's resume.

      So which is it? Is he good or not?
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        Should’ve never talked bad about Malignaggi the way he did…now look at em.
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          Originally posted by mawoodhouse View Post
          A Travis Kauffman or Marius Wach or someone on their caliber would by the perfect type of fight for his comeback, not very risky…will gauge where he is at and will help him gain some confidence back. Then maybe move onto someone like Charles Martin or Robert Helenius and go from there onto someone like Andy Ruiz etc….hopefully they get him back into the mix the right way and not throw him straight back into a risky fight.
          I think Malik Scott mentioned that they only want big fights or main event type fights.

          Kauffman retired (I know you were just saying his name as level as opposed to the fighter himself), Wach is essentially a punching bag (although a tough as nails punching bag). I think he needs a slightly stiffer opponent or at least the appearance of a slightly stiffer opponent.

          How about Carlos Takam? Or Big Bang Zhang? Or Jermaine Franklin? Takam will try and will get stopped. Big Bang Zhang and Franklin offer undefeated records (hollow but people love that "0").
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            Originally posted by medic5678 View Post
            Don't forget that the other fighters are also watching this fight. Wilder's a one trick pony, look for others to adjust. Another loss, Wilder is finished in the ring. Unless he wants to wrestle.
            Go ahead and build a list of all the HWs in the top 50 who can take Wilders nuclear blast right to the chin and keep going.

            Don't worry, I'll wait. Take your time.


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              Mid 2022 is a bit ambitious, no? He broke a bone in his hand in addition to getting beat up and knocked out.


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                Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
                Deontay will probably be back in the ring with another KO on his record before the Gypsy-Bum is stripped of the WBC HW title for ducking Dillian Shyte. BOMBSQUAD!!!
                Elie, is it true you hate on Fury since he kicked you out of his gym? I know you a salty little b@tch, so I wouldn't be surprise at all


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                  Originally posted by LoadedWraps View Post
                  Furys chin is so strong, Wilder broke his hand hitting him flush on the button.
                  He hit him high on top of the head. Fury quick thinking as always tucked his chin at the last second hence the broken hand.
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                    Jesus...he should retire. That is 2 stoppages/ko's in a row and both behind severe beatings. At his age the ko losses will look worst and worst.
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                      Originally posted by champion4ever View Post

                      jonny C'mon man! Give Deontay a break will ya! Hasn't he been humbled enough? The man has fought the very best heavyweight fighter on the planet in back to back knockout losses. So he deserves a W in the win column in order to restore his confidence back.
                      Definitely not humbled enough considering he wouldn't shake Fury's hand. He's incapable of being a decent human