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Is Spence retired or what?

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    Originally posted by ShaneMosleySr View Post
    I didn’t say he official retired.

    Im talking about reality.

    He’s had more surgeries in the past two years than fights.

    How is Kell Brook shot if Spence isn’t???
    So you are saying he will continue fighting on but will be shot? Cool, I'm just telling you he WILL be fighting on. We will then have to see if he is shot or not. Did not look shot vs DSG, did he?


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      Looks like Spence is back in the gym...And looks like Marcus Browne is now training with Derrick James?


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        That car accident really did more damage than he was letting on. I hope not but I think he is finished.
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          Youll hear from him immediately if Porter beats Crawford or if Bud struggles to win.
          If Bud wins in fashion, Spence might say something around xmas.
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            I don't know why the IG post is not showing up, but here:


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              I thought retinal tears take a very long time to recover..
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                Originally posted by kushking View Post

                he recovered from eye surgery within weeks ffs,his eye is perfectly back to normal,his prior fight v DSG proved the prior surgery had no negative effect,when Crawford was busy chasing bums & ducking Porter & Ortiz.(& You were saying hes done back then too & Bud was telling him to cherrypick a bum like he would do)

                As much as you Crawford fans want him to retire so Bud can play dress up undisputed, thats not happening. He will have to beat Spence if he wants to be more than a prospect at ww
                I suspect Bud is indeed the one that has been chasing the fight and Al Haymon is the guy that is to blame for this epidemic of swerving.

                errol is younger, it’s a simple case of them trying to wait him out and being in the best possible condition in comparison to Crawford so that Spence has best chance of whooping Crawford. That will be very difficult though after the crash and detached retina. He was already the underdog even with Crawford age, but now it’s an easy Crawford win IMO. He’ll box his head off