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It’s never been so clear we’re living in the participation trophy era. Wilder tried so hard, he’s awesome!

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    This was the photo they used in the New York Times.

    AJ will forever be remembered as being knocked out by this guy.



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      Isnt Fury a giant fat ass too?

      Originally posted by SN!PER View Post
      AJ and Wilder both lost, but the performances of AJ are waayyy more embarrassing.

      He was scared of a 6'1", 300 lbs. taco addict with midget arms. Then he got beat up by a Cruiserweight.


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        Post a pic of Fury-Wilder 3. Fury is just as fat.

        Originally posted by SN!PER View Post
        This was the photo they used in the New York Times.

        AJ will forever be remembered as being knocked out by this guy.



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          AJ wishes he could punch this hard.

          I say bring on AJ vs. Wilder as the next fight.

          Not for belts, just to fight for fun and settle the score once and for all.



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            Originally posted by ShaneMosleySr View Post
            I think Joshua punches 800 times harder than Fury does.

            Again not sure if that's an answer. But it sounds as if you're alluding to the idea that there's less of an opportunity to push your body beyond it's limit when up against crazy power to which I agree. If I'm in a ring with Thanos and he knocks me in to another universe with one punch, then it's reasonable to say there was little opportunity for me to push myself physically. On the other hand as power goes lower, I will be hit with smaller increments of said power thereby allowing me to show how I respond to each hit unlike in the Thanos case. As my body becomes more fatigued and damaged with these smaller increments of power, there arise more opportunities to show my will to push myself through the fatigue and damage. A condition that does not appear in every heavyweight fight. For one most fighters conserve their stamina so they don't have to push themselves and instead simply fight smarter as opposed to harder - and thus end up avoid having to try to physically push themselved beyond their limit - hence the AJ and Usyk fight and all the other fights I've mentioned. Martin took too much damage vs AJ to be given the opportunity to push himself same with Ortiz and Fury vs Klitschko barely damaged each other at all. And thus it is actually an unusual condition for a fighter to even have the opportunity to demonstrate the will to push themselves as much as Wilder did let alone the heart to actually do it - they could just quit like Dubois and that is why it is such a spectacle when it does occur.


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              Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
              In reality, noob, journalists and fans have been giving major props to pro boxers who tried their best but came up short, for decades. For over a century, actually.

              But yeah, go on and try to be cool, edgy and use trendy terms while knowing absolutely nothing about what it takes to be a top 10 fighter in a sport as tough as pro boxing.

              You’re talking all that crap while likely not even being able to run a 1.5 mile run without collapsing like a weakling.

              Wilder just fought a guy for a third time, who already showed he was better the first two times. In Wilder’s 3 fights vs Fury, Wilder fought in more risky, dangerous fights than most current fighters who are hyped as top 10 P4P have fought in their entire pro career. The size and height disadvantage Wilder faced, is more than many of these pro boxers are willing give up in just 1 fight. Hell GGG found Ward too big, just 8lbs above. Wilder just fought a dude who had 44lbs, 42lbs and 38lbs on him, respectively. And who was better skilled than him, and could take his power. Wilder knew this 100% after the rematch. That did not stop him from fighting him a 3rd time and probably giving his best effort yet.

              Regardless, you clearly live a sad life. No one would ever look at you and even begin to think to give you a so-called participation trophy with your sad ass life. You clearly have nothing going for you. You wouldn’t even get a participation trophy for your participation in a boxing discussion forum despite you averaging like 100 posts per day.
              hmmm...chisora was more then 40 lbs then Usyk AND USYK STILL BEAT HIM. but that dont matter to black supremacists


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                The point of watching boxing is to be entertained.

                Wilder gave us an extremely entertaining fight and went out on his shield against the best heavyweight in the world.

                What else can you ask from a guy?


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                  Originally posted by nacho daddy View Post

                  hmmm...chisora was more then 40 lbs then Usyk AND USYK STILL BEAT HIM. but that dont matter to black supremacists
                  Man, you are such a dumb human being, words can’t describe how much of a loser you are.

                  1. I’m latino. I am not black.
                  2. This has nothing to do with race you racist piece of sh/t.
                  3. Your mother should have swallowed you since you ended up being such a waste of space.
                  4. It’s not “then”, it’s THAN.
                  5. Chisora has been beaten by smaller fighters than him before. Skills in relation to skills is what matters.

                  I do not expect you with your pea sized, damaged brain to come up with anything clever when you post. But this really is terrible. It goes to show why people like you make Earth so toxic. Your mere existence pollutes the air everyone breathes.

                  Please do us all a favor and go off yourself. And please take the threadstarter with you. Thanks.


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                    Originally posted by KP1 View Post
                    You’re actually surprised, Wilder almost getting stopped by Ortiz was proof he’s hard as nails.
                    AJ almost getting stopped by Wlad was proof he’s got a glass mandible.
                    wilder is a bum who fought cans well into his 30s and got exposed when he fought a real opponent and even then that was a tyson fury who was at 75 percent coming off a three year layoff. his handlers would never even dream of having beyonce wilder fight wlad. AJ fights everybody and doesn't makes excuses when he loses and he avenges his losses unlike bum squad wilder!