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So it appears that Whyte is now the man to defeat Tyson Fury

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    McDermott did beat Fury...


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      If Whytebeats Wallin, I think he puts up a better fight vs Fury than Wilder.


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        I give Whyte zero chance to win. He is on his bambi legs every time he gets a hard punch. I can imagine Fury hurting him pretty bad.

        But that fight should happen, Whyte is legit top 10 guy, he is top 5 by boxrec and The Ring, I believe.

        It will be a good win on Fury`s resume.


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          Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
          Whyte would be Furys second best win stylistically though there’s tougher fights for Fury but not much . He won’t stiffen up like a Wilder with mere jabs and he will make a rough fight on the inside.

          Here’s my list of most problematic guys for Fury .

          1. A.J ( it’s still the best match up between everyone )

          2. Hrgovic

          3. Joyce

          4. Whyte

          5. Usyk

          I’m not including Wilder he just doesn’t have the balance to get a win nor punch resistance, yes he could knockdown a less then prepared Fury but that’s not winning the fight .
          That is your fan made list.

          The reality is, Usyk has the best chance. I would put Joyce on the second.

          AJ and Whyte have very little chance.

          Hrgovic is unproven. have no idea about him.


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            Oh no people want Fury to fight top 10 fighters and his fans don't like it.

            This is what a champion does. Look throughout history of the HW division, the best of the era cleans out the division. Fury has only started.
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              Originally posted by denium View Post

              I know that you're just another upset Joshua fan who is annoyed at looking like a fool. You've been liking pro-AJ/anti-Fury posts for months, i also recall you predicting Joshua to knock Usyk out, so i guess that shows how much you know about boxing.

              Like i say, Fury could retire now with an amazing legacy, however i agree that ideally he needs to beat Usyk and unify the belts to cement it and go down as the greatest HW of this era.

              Beating bums like Whyte, Ruiz & whatever other ex-AJ victim you want to list doesn't really add to that legacy.
              Now I know your confused. Yes I'm an AJ fan, and yes I'm disappointed that he lost. Obviously. But I did not predict Joshua knocking Usyk out. I said I felt that Joshua could win but that I feared he wouldn't. I looked at it objectively and tried to see it from a neutral point of view and said that I was favouring Usyk. In fact another poster accused me of not being an AJ fan lol. Sorry but I didn't predict a Joshua ko win. I think you have me confused with someone else. And I'll also tell you that I don't see him winning the rematch but will still support him. I still fancy him to beat Fury though. Like I said. Fury still got that work to do lol.


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                Originally posted by M312 View Post
                McDermott did beat Fury...
                Yep. Even Fury's father said so.


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                  Originally posted by denium View Post
                  First it was McDermott, then Chisora, then Wlad, then Wilder, and now Whyte.

                  After Fury wins 12 rounds against Whyte and turns his face into a bloody pulp, who will be the next man that will apparently beat him? Usyk? Hrgovic?
                  No one of the current crop of heavyweights beats Fury. He is just too big, too tall, too skilled and he has too much heart.

                  The only man to defeat Tyson Fury is Tyson Fury. His problems with coke and mental health will be his downfall.

                  Granted this is the heavyweight division and one punch can change it all, who knows he might rematch Wallin or Schwarz and get knocked out cold, that is the nature of the heavyweight game.
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                    Originally posted by denium View Post

                    Yeah, Fury was very fortunate to get a decision against McDermott. Thanks for proving my point.

                    You're not very bright are you?
                    So your saying that, the only reason Fury is still unbeaten is because they paid the ref in the first McDermott fight?


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                      Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                      Yep. Even Fury's father said so.
                      So why does it say 32-0 on Fury's boxrec page?

                      So a 21yr old kid Fury lost a close decision to a seasoned domestic champion well over a decade ago? Who the f*** cares?