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Comments Thread For: Beaten Wilder's Status Elevated By Truly Great Fight

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  • Monty Fisto
    Wilder does deserve credit for his heart, his tenacity and there has to be some acknowledgement that his power does bring excitement.

    At the same time, he deserves to be called out as a bad sport and a sore loser and there has to be some acknowledgement that his boxing technique is poor relative to the level he is operating at.

    The poor boxing technique combined with the outrageous power is what makes him interesting -- a curious mix that has kept him dangerous against everyone, even when their skills are superior. That right hand truly is a leveller in more than one sense of the word.

    Fury beat him consistently... and yet there was always a measure of danger, that he was a mistake away from a KO.

    Very interested to see if Wilder fights a strong opponent again and, if so, what happens.

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    Originally posted by denium View Post
    I don't like Wilder at all, but you have to respect that performance, pure grit and iron will.

    Sometimes you win even when you lose.
    After the 4th rd - he was basically in survival mode…so he took 2 beatdowns from an average Fat talented Hw with average punching power …Dont get all these accolades and talk of respect. Randall Cobb had the iron will heart, courage to take beatings also. Wilder should retire…the book is out on him - crowd and lean on him..rough him up bc he has no inside game. And Watch out for his right hand each and every time the ref breaks them apart. He really should retire b4 he ends like Holyfield and u understand half the words he speaks.
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  • JakeTheBoxer
    I predicted Fury win by stoppage before second fight.

    Wilder is just not good enough to compete at that level. It is what it is. I believe he will have the record of david Price if he keeps fighting top opponents.

    I predicted Usyk to beat Joshua also, so, I am pretty good in heavyweight predictions.

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  • OldTerry
    Originally posted by Rickyboy View Post

    What did Fury do to cheat this time?
    He hit Wilder when Wilder wasn't expecting it

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  • whirlout
    Perhaps am in the minority here 'cos I don't see this one of the greatest fight of all time that people are talking about or how Wilder status is elevated simply because he was willing to take a career altering beating. If you really watch the fight, with the exception of the first two rounds, everything was already down hill for him and the fight was already taking on the one sided nature for Fury. All time great fights are competitive, nip and tuck with many ebbs and flows. This one reminds me a bit of Foreman and Lyle but that fight was actually competitive with both fighters intending to do what they did and that isn't considered an all time great fight by most so what gives with this one.

    But hey he dropped Fury twice, sure he did, but it was moreso Fury's mistake cos he was emboldened and overconfident by how much beating he was administering. It wasn't Wilder went to go get him like he did in the first fight. Watch Wilder's reaction after the knockdown and you can tell it really wasn't expected and all his theatrics as would have been in similar cases in other fights was totally subdued. All in all, I see a guy who showed heart and no one could save him because of what transpired in the last fight and as a result, took some unnecessary beating. He's lucky he isn't facing a great puncher, else he may have died in that ring with the beating combined with the exhaustion.

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  • sicko
    1000% Respect Wilder and his Heart and Toughness!

    What I don't like his the Fanboy B^TCHES on youtube who are not man enough to accept Defeat yet again and want to come up with new excuses and Conspiracy Theories. YES the Count was slow for Fury, that Ref did a awful Job not keeping the Count. However, every time Wilder went down, Ref gave him the same courtesy and opportunity get up, recover and fight on. Act like MEN in Victory and or Defeat and show respect to BOTH Gladiators for jumping in the ring and laying it all on the line and giving the fans a Classic.

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    No its NOT

    Wilder got whooped & looks like a bar brawler..

    the heck out of here with this nonsense

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  • Liondw
    Wilder showed a big heart, but yes, some of the behaviour and excuses after the second fight wasn't good. With respect, I wouldn't rate him above Shavers, who went 15 rounds with Ali.

    Wilder wouldn't last 15 with Ali. But a lot of respect for him and Fury putting on a memorable fight.

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  • anonymous2.0
    Though a devastating right hand from Tyson Fury crashed unabated into the left side of his skull, rendered him competitively limp
    wtf is being competitively limp, that made me laugh harder then it should have


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  • Leicesterage
    Originally posted by TITOS HOOK View Post
    For the last few years Deontay has been alluding to and implying that he wants a "body" on his record. In this still glorious and noble sport of ours such talk is reprehensible and beneath contempt.

    I have NO respect for him..especially after all of that wanting a "body" talk.

    This Day in Boxing October 16, 1987 -- "If I don't kill him -- it don't count." Mike Tyson said quietly as he, Kevin Rooney and Steve Lott were leaving the weighin for his fight with Tyrell Biggs.
    So you had that same anger towards Tyson and secretly wished him harm too... Right?

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