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The bar I watched Fury-Wilder III at was so racially divided that you could cut the tension with a knife.

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    I doubt it's got anything to do with either fighter or their specific fanbase in particular, it's just what today's clown world zeitgeist is like. Racial animus between blacks and whites is at fever pitch ever since everything that happened in 2020 and it's aggravated by everyone being stressed out and driven crazy by covid and all the BS that's come with it. That kind of behaviour shouldn't be considered normal, but it's the current year and the new normal is abnormal.
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      Originally posted by PunchMeIDareYou View Post
      It was one of the few nights I didn't drink during a fight so I was sober and observatory of the packed bar I was at. It was amazing to see the utter disgust in the black guys faces whenever Wilder got knocked down and when he eventually lost. They were pissed while the whites in the crowd were cheering loudly. It got to the point that right after the fight they walked out of the bar in frustration/anger. I then walked outside to to my car after the fight and there were several groups of black fellas bitching and moaning and saying things like, "that big ass whiteboy was using all his weight on Wilder. That's cheating". They were all sore losers just like Wilder. Did anyone else catch the fight at a bar and noticed the racial division amongst the crowd?
      you real lucky they didnt arm up come back in and start shooting
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        Most casual fans of all races are this way and it never ceases to amaze me.

        One of my best friends is an MMA guy, knows nothing about boxing. I've noticed any time a white fighter has any degree of success, he'll catch it on ESPN and jump on the bandwagon. I was in a bar with him one night and combat sports came up, and after talking MMA for a minute he started talking about how disgusted he was with Jeff Horns performance against Crawford.

        I was shocked he had seen that fight, and wanted to know why he thought Horn could have done better, and he started talking about how good Horn had looked against Funeka.

        This man had gone back on Youtube and watched Horns fights, had no clue Funeka was long, LONG past prime. All he saw was a white boxer winning, so he was on board and drinking the kool-aid that Horn was some great champion.

        Just insane that this is really the norm.
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          Originally posted by 4truth View Post

          If you say so..but I'm pretty sure the media, overall, hated Trump
          the media are white hating communists of course they hated trump but I wish trump was as "bad" as they said he was


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            Fury-Wilder was one of the few times I wasn't rooting for the black guy.

            I'm loyal to the slique style and blacks usually sliquer

            anyways, the lounge I was in had many blacks rooting for Deontay.

            It was fun rooting against people who usually root alongside you hah.


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              skip ratchet venues, skip racial tensions

              low iq people identify themselves solely on ethnicity and nationality
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