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The bar I watched Fury-Wilder III at was so racially divided that you could cut the tension with a knife.

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    Originally posted by Al Faz View Post

    Which Trump used to great effect. The buck stops with Trump
    If you say so..but I'm pretty sure the media, overall, hated Trump


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      Yes, the same happens on the forum. Boxing is racially divided for the most. Race in boxing is so important in determining who most fans cheer for, that it could easily be tested scientifically, and, professionally written about in a research paper (dissertation) for a PhD in Psychology or Sociology.

      With that said, my wife, who is a white conservative and avid Trump supporter, mentioned to me during the fight that Tyson Fury is a cheap fighter for using his weight to tire out Wilder. I did not mention this to her, she came up with that comment by her own observation.

      No matter if you are white, black, asian, native american, latino, whatever, you can observe Fury using his body to tire out Wilder. It’s pretty blatant. And a woman who knows nothing about boxing, mentioned that. And she likes Tyson Fury. This goes to show who I am here conversing with on here. A woman, who does not watch sports, noticed this. Let this sink in. A woman with little knowledge of boxing noticed this.

      With that said, yes, Wilder is a sore loser and seemingly has no hint of sportsmanship. He has shown an awful display of being a professional. Fury, regardless of his wrestling tactics, finds a way to win. If he can clinch, hold and lean on Wilder with the only consequence being that the ref will just keep breaking it apart. Then why should he stop? There is also nothing Wilder did to fight back the dirty tactics with dirty tactics of his own. That’s on him.

      I like both Wilder and Lomachenko, they are great for the sport. But both could have used some bigger balls in their fights vs Fury and Salido, respectively. My comment for Lomachenko complaining about low blows vs Salido was “Then why didn’t you do anything about it?”

      Yes, the low blows from Salido were blatant. But ref didn’t care about such dirty tactics. So, go along with the dirty game. Low blow him back, headbutt him, push, shove him down, throw rabbit punches.

      Winners just fight back with their own dirty tactics. Look at what Mayweather did to Ortiz after Ortiz continuously and intentionally headbutted him in a very blatant manner. Mayweather, instead of complaining, just fought dirty right back.


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        I have never seen a black or white person in my life, Just a label to divide people like religion , politics, race and now medical. Its all a bunch of bullshti to divide from who the real enemy is which is the bankers and the ruling elite


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          This. It’s easy to conquer when you can divide the ppl up and stick them on each other. It’s sad.
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            Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post

            Had Wilder won the same guys saying it was a good fight let it be are the same ones that would have claimed Fury cheated and Wilder winning proved that and wouldn’t have even counted the second fight .
            What you mean? Why would Wilder fans be saying it was a good fight let it be if they think he cheated?


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              the bar i was watching it in all the black guys were cheering for fury and all the white guys for wilder, something just didnt feel right, couldnt put my finger on it, so just walked straight back out again


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                Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post

                Besides Tank I’ve never seen anyone that wasn’t following boxing a long time that appreciates those other guys for skill,. Canelo has a long time fan base and Loma and So does Crawford. Most the time I see a Wilder fan say they been following boxing for years meaning about 5 ,they expose themselves,it’s evident when you go into boxing talks outside Wilder and even then they are very uneducated ,half of them didn’t even know his resume years ago I ran into a bunch of them .
                I’ve had Loma fan debating with me about him beating Welterweights. As I explained to them that it’s 2 weight classes above lw and the lb difference, they would say, “it’s only 12 lbs, as if boxing is equivalent to street fights. Tank current new fans are also guilty of not knowing what a weight class is. The sport of boxing is littered with bandwagon fans that abandon these guys once they get beat. Where are the Cripple G fans now?
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                  Oh yeah this totally happened.


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                    I thought we were all HUMAN.

                    Anyway I guess Rush song says it best:

                    "Quick to judge
                    Quick to anger
                    Slow to understand
                    Ignorance and prejudice
                    And fear walk hand in hand..."
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                      I'm guessing that was in the States? Things are pretty bad over there and Marxist organisations like the BLM and Antifa make matters even worse. Don't get me wrong, the vast majority of people that join those protests are decent and respectable people but these things tend to get ruined by the organisations having a far left core base. ANY extreme political group is bad news doesn't matter if it's far left or far right.

                      Thankfully I'm living in the UK where we don't have as big of a problem with racism compared to other countries around the world. It IS here, but is nowhere near as prevalent as it is in the majority of countries, especially the States.

                      Some parts of London and Birmingham are pretty bad, and here in North London I've been a victim of racism myself as a white guy but generally we get along. I'm proud that the UK is arguably the most tolerant, inclusive, multicultural and diverse place on the planet.

                      I think it's probably down to us having an empire donkey's years ago, we've been used to having non-white people in our society for longer than most other nations.