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How bad do you think Tyson was hurt in the 4th round?

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  • How bad do you think Tyson was hurt in the 4th round?

    looking back at those two knockdowns, how hurt do you think Tyson was......could Wilder of possibly finished the fight if there was more time in the 4th after the 2nd knockout?

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    He was hurt but still had his senses, and obviously his powers of recovery are next level.

    Put it this way, if Wilder had landed that right hand on Joshua, he would still be asleep now.
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      He was not hurt badly , came back to win the next round actually .
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        Look buzzed on the first knockdown but I think the second was just him recovering still

        He has pretty amazing recovery levels tho he came out the round after and put it on wilder right away


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          It was a good shot because it was Wilder

          not that accurate I think

          he landed closer to the middle of Fury’s face than the chin


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            He was shook up for sure , not badly hurt but that’s down to his recovery powers. He’s like Juan Manuel Marquez with his recovery, you might drop them but they get up and stay calm.


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              Just looked like Wilder took his legs from under him and was shook. He looked clear and alert on the canvas. His gas tank is something else.