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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder: I Did My Best, But It Wasn't Good Enough

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  • Originally posted by Roadblock View Post
    The winning weapon for Wilder was not the power right it was the jab to the body, Fury had no answer Wilder abandoned it to bomb and paid the price, that body jab when timed right disrupts the opponent's rhythm in its tracks, Floyd was a master of it, it could have won Wilder the fight or at least survive it, he stopped using it when he should have used it the most.
    Completely agree! Andre Ward was great with that as well, Winky Right, Hopkins. The body jab is such a great shot, and Fury had no defense for it. All the judges had the score even going in to the 8th round, its a shame Wilder didn't sustain the body attack.


    • Refreshing to hear him with some humility for once.


      • Originally posted by KnickTillDeaTh View Post

        Well not really. The fighters I listed were all flat footed, they were rarely on their toes. But if you want an example of great defensive fighters who were on their toes and transitioned into power punches seamlessly heres a list that immediately comes to mind, Ali before rope a dope, Roy Jones Jr, Young Mike Tyson, Joe Frasier, Chavez Sr, Hector Camacho. Admittedly Tyson and Chavez Sr were not "great" defensive fighters, but there ability to bob and weave through their opponents punches to get close enough to land their own shots, with out taking much damage was definitely elite.
        Ok, you're taking "alway on your toes" literally? Maybe this is a cultural thing... In the UK the phrase "on your toes" is used to signify moving constantly... I wasn't suggesting that it's necessary to be up on your toes like a ballet dancer for 36 minutes, Just that footwork is an essential part of defence. I take your point now.


        • Originally posted by Fighter78 View Post
          Listen....I like Malik Scott as a newbie trainer but what I saw was a guy who's stamina was not up to par on the championship level.....that ALONE would have won him the fight on Saturday. Legs gone after round 2...smh
          Malik Scott is nothing but a polite yes man. He tries to sound smarter then he actually is while being very polite while speaking, some mistaken it for actual intelligence.


          • Originally posted by NYG View Post

            It's all in good fun. End of the day we are all fans and want to see good fights. You're a cool dude
            I Disagree He isn't cool dude
            He said he's a man of his word But He Never sent my $100 Bet he owes me


            • Originally posted by Jkp View Post

              I wanted fury to win. So my feelings are fine. Thanks for caring
              Yeah right


              • Originally posted by Boxing-1013 View Post

                Odds are Wilder will connect on AJ in the first 5 or so rounds. When he does, AJ's recovery powers are terrible. It's as simple as that really. AJ has a chance vs Wilder but it's not a super high percentage chance. Wilder also is a lot tougher and has a lot more heart than AJ.
                Wilder is a terrible technical boxer and hasn't fought anyone (that he's beat) near the level of AJ.

                I'm not saying AJ would win, but to say that he's a wide underdog is a stretch.


                • Originally posted by Rodtang View Post

                  Because they see the inadequacies of their own fighters also but dont want to admit it. If they didn't have inadequacies then they'd have no need to compare. AJ gets criticized for being chinny by Fury fans and yet he's been down more times and in more fights. Wilders fans feel the need to belittle AJ because the only way he beats AJ is on social media as he won't fight him for real. Insecurity complexes all round it seems.
                  Good point.

                  In fairness to Fury, his powers of recovery.... well, I would say they're better than AJ's, but that's not really fair. They're better than most people's.


                  • Originally posted by !! Anorak View Post

                    Good point.

                    In fairness to Fury, his powers of recovery.... well, I would say they're better than AJ's, but that's not really fair. They're better than most people's.
                    Furys powers of recovery are second to none to be fair. He may get dropped but he always gets up. So far anyway. But that will change at some point. You can't keep getting put down like that, and it not take its toll. But his revival skills if nothing else are truly world class.
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                    • If only he had a few more brain cells to make it easier for him to learn how to box.