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Comments Thread For: Fury Overcomes Two Knockdowns, Drops Wilder Three Times For Knockout in Eleven

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  • Originally posted by Mgrove77 View Post

    Wilder had ten title defenses- the WBC is the most competitive of the belts so he fought who he had to. I’m saying that wilder and Fury are elite heavyweights - the others lag far behind . I mean Ruiz ranked top 5? That is comical. As for AJ- you say he beat top fighters (Parker and Whyte). Would you rather right those two ‘top ten’ or Fury and Ortiz like wilder did. Don’t underestimate Ortiz, he hits very hard and has a very unique style . Also, AJ quit in one fight and literally got his ass beat against Usyk. I mean it wasn’t even close
    Yeah you are saying they are elite heayweights but then they never fight anyone in the top-10... so please explain how they are elite heavyweights.


    • They’ve fought everyone they have had to in order to retain their belts- that’s the way it works. And fighting each other is obviously 1 vs 2 .