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why do alot of people still have faith in Wilder

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  • why do alot of people still have faith in Wilder

    what changed that some think he is going to beat Fury this time

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    coz we've only seen him outclassed by 1 man....and wilder can punch like a mutha....


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      Fury doesn’t seem focused this time.
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        I haven't seen anyone picking wilder to win, most people think its going to be a repeat of their 2nd fight.


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          first post was not to say wilder wins vs fury tho....all im sayin is not all hw including AJ and Usyk can beat wilder...


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            Wilder is what he’s always been. A guy you can easily outbox but is also extremely dangerous for the full 12 rounds. Fury boxed his head off after losing a **** load of weight and being coked out and inactive. Then he just battered Wilder in the rematch. Wilder still has an obvious punchers chance but the element of surprise isn’t there anymore. That benefits Fury because he knows the shots now. My biggest concern for Fury is where his head is at come fight night. I consider Fury the best heavyweight in boxing but he can be a head case on occasion. They’re both wildcards.