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Comments Thread For: Crawford-Porter Title Fight Set, November 20 At Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas

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  • This is a legacy fight for Porter, much like the Spence fight was. He really didn't lose much with the loss vs Spence because of a tremendous effort, after some trememdous preparation ... it was a very close loss, and a classic fight. If Porter prepares in like fashion for this fight, and accepts the fact that this fight will probably define his legacy, I expect him to come in and find a way to either stop Crawford, or have a war for the ages trying. Porter can't afford to chance a decision in this fight.

    Crawford is very talented, but I don't think he ever wanted this fight. He may be able to devise a way to contend with Porter's aggression, but he's never seen anything like it in the ring. This will be a true test (his biggest), not just of his talent ... but of his ability to devise and execute a strategy for Porter (no one quite fights like Porter although Horn has similarities). I think it's very possible for Crawford to win ... many are EXPECTING him to ... but it will be harder than any fight I've seen Crawford in.

    It's almost a Pick 'Em fight. Right now I'm hoping Porter accepts this as a Legacy fight. If he does he wins.

    This fight will eclipse Fury vs Wilder III.
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    • BTW, that comment tag about Archie Moore at the bottom ... I don't know how a man has working knuckles after 144 knockouts ... but he managed still to knock out the last guy ... at 49 years old. Wow! Talk about hands of stone.


      • I will go out on a limb and pick TC to stop him, I think TC has that elite explosive speed power needed to do it.
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        • I don't believe this fight is happening since there is no such thing as a Michelob Ultra Arena in LV.


          • Originally posted by TheUptownKid View Post

            Porter was never who he wanted to fight.

            I don't give a damn who he "wanted" to fight.

            Vergil Ortiz (Champion) "wanted" to fight Crawford. Crawford ducked him.

            Keef Thurman "wanted" to fight Crawford. Crawford ducked him, then BoMac lied about it.

            Mr. Gary Russell Jr. (Champion) "wanted" to fight Crawford. Crawford ducked him.

            Jeff Horn "wanted" a rematch. Crawford ducked him.

            Jermell Charlo (Champion) "wanted" Crawford to come up to 154 and fight him. Crawford ducked him.

            Blair 'The Flair' Cobbs "wanted" to fight Crawford. Crawford ducked him.

            It doesn't matter what a fighter "wants". It matters what a fighter NEEDS.

            Crawford has not earned a shot at the big dog. Even now. He NEEDS a big name in their prime. He ducked all other options and tried to duck Porter, but the WBO wasn't having it.

            Should he beat Porter by any one of the three criteria I said before, he will have earned that shot. Only then.
            1. Clean, clear knockout - not a low blow, not hold and hit, etc. Clean, clear knockout. As in "Put to bed" or force Porter to a knee or his back for a 10 count.
            2. Clean, clear stoppage - Kenny Porter tossing a towel, Shawn not getting off the stool between rounds, or Shawn is bloodied and so damaged the ref reluctantly stops it. Not that BS Benavidez stoppage. Not that BS Brook stoppage. Not a low blow like Khan. Not a windmill trigger ref stoppage like Horn. I'm talking a legit stoppage that NOBODY can question.
            3. Dominant decision - at least 9 rounds. Damn near a shutout.
            Because you call this guy a #1 P4P. That's what P4P fighters do, is the 3 options above. If he can't do any of that and just eeks out a win, he's just another fighter and he won't be able to sell a Spence fight OR a Manny fight. He has to STAND OUT, bro. And not to you, to the casual fan. The casual doesn't give a *ish about him because he can't manage to finish people legit and he's getting two-pieced, wobbled and dropped.
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            • Originally posted by RisAri0 View Post
              I don't believe this fight is happening since there is no such thing as a Michelob Ultra Arena in LV.

              This modern 12,000-seat sports and entertainment complex has hosted everything from massive headliners like Katy Perry, to monster fights like the UFC, to huge TV specials like the Latin GRAMMY Awards.


              • Please porter end this Hype Job!! If gamboa can rock crawford porter definitely can
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                • Originally posted by ShaneMosleySr View Post
                  Errol Spence’s only two wins of note are Kell Brook and Shawn Porter.

                  Both will be on Crawford’s resume soon.

                  I can’t wait for PBC idiots to claim Spence is better after that.
                  Brook when had a belt not after faded also forgetting mikey garcia danny garcia as well on the resume 2 people crawford dont have oh yeah forgetting matched with pac month ago til torn retina so please dont compare also gotta actually see bud vs top 10 aka porter before judge. For everyone suppose to look good when fighting shot past prime fighters or not top tier or even contenders. Its like an avg premier league going ball in mls or avg nba player balling on d leager dont know how good u really are your suppose be better than lower tier makes me wanna go beat like 20 garbage cans and high schoolers go 20-0 18-20 ko then cash out vs canelo yeah ill get whooped under boxing rules but no different than what 99% of the fighters doing nowdays fight nobodies n shot til get your cash out
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                  • Porter is going to make Crawford knock him out....


                    • Originally posted by FLY TY View Post

                      Oscar made weight for manny in a weight class he hadn't fought at in'd that go?

                      why aren't people acknowledging that when Spence fought Brook, that Brook had to move back down TWO weight classes, he was coming off a loss AND an injury?? Do really think Spence fought the best version of Brook?