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  • Comments Thread For: Jake Paul's Trainer: Jake Beat Woodley Decisively - No Rematch Needed!

    Jake Paul (4-0 3 KOs) went the distance for the first time in his career last Sunday night when he defeated former UFC champion Tyron Woodley via split decision.
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    They need to ban this stuff from boxing pages. It’s as fake as WWF. Word even got out from Floyd’s camp that he and Paul reached an agreement about knocking him out too early- and it was proven by Floyd holding him up!!


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      Boxing is probably the most corrupt of all sports. All the draws. All the wins going to the cash cows. Fights taking years to come off. Stop it with this purity nonsense. When you gamble and win a bet on Jake Paul it pays the same as any other.
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        First of all I just want to say I'm ecstatic that Jake Paul has decided to continue his unprecedented electrifying career in the sport of boxing. B-J Flores is right, Tyrone Woodley was soundly beaten, hes old news and Jake Paul is about freshness, original unseen spectacles that garner a world-audience. This novelty is a key factor in the Jake Paul saga, but more importantly that UFC fighters keep getting their ass kicked by a Disney child star/Social-media-influencer.

        Bring on the bum Diaz brothers, Jorge Masvidal, then we want that geezer Mayweather.


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          Everybody knows this fake bˇxer jake Paul picks the cheapest mma fighters to pay them so he can look good, so yeah he’s a fake not a boxer


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            Honestly Jake and his team need to just recruit boxers who are his level . So 3-1 , 5-2 type fighters who have a personality and build up thier profile . Cause ultimately that's what sells a fight .

            He's running out of MMA fighter's to fight to many are locked up in contracts


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              Only Zuffa boxing can save this sport, and make them all poor bums lol