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Comments Thread For: Ugas: A Lot Of People Say The Cubans Can't Win The Fight Big; I'm Very, Very Proud

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    Originally posted by OhG View Post
    You did it against a 42 year old way past his prime, Spence would of done the same!!!
    Ugas was a big underdog in the fight. And lets not give Spence the credit.
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      Cuban pro fighters should look to him as a role model and never, ever look to Rigondeaux.
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        Watched the Manny fight without the commentary and curious if it was ever mentioned during the broadcast that a fair amount of people felt he beat Porter? I thought he coulda got the nod that night.


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          Who cares, you beat a old Asian fighter, Virgil Ortiz is going to mess up alot of fighters. These fighters are soft.


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            Originally posted by OhG View Post
            You did it against a 42 year old way past his prime, Spence would of done the same!!!
            Yup though cause spence def carrys more power pac mightve got marquezed during exchanges imagine that type missing vs spence crawford thurman had pac missed as much vs thurman one time wouldve kept belt. ugas is good beat or tied porter beat an aged pac in spence pass torch fight. Knowing all this welter more interesting now now we need 3 matchups to make porter vs crawford everyone including bud needs know how good really are n fighr a top 5 let alone 10. Ugas vs thurman spence vs any winner of those after he gets an amir khan broner warm up no threat big name good get in shape n test a punch fight for return after which go fight winner on that mini tournament or either champ


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              Take a bow Yordenis, You made your people; The Cuban people very proud. You far exceeded many of our expectations. It was by far the best performance of your professional boxing career.

              Originally I didn't think you had much of a chance of defeating a legendary fighter like Manny Pacquiao given your very low.punch volume and work rate. However, you had to prove us all wrong.

              You showed that you can be just as successful with clean and accurate power punching as with a very high cardiovascular rate.

              So salute to you my friend as you've gain a new boxing fan.You proved that you were the better fighter that night.The poise, discipline, self-confidence, calmness and perseverance you displayed that night was other worldly.

              So good luck champ as I wish you all the best in your career.
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                Originally posted by SUBZER0ED View Post
                You did win the big fight Ugas, against a 42 year old.
                Let's not be hypocriting now; With myself included. None of us expected him to pull off the upset against Pac.

                Despite Manny being 42 years of age. Pac's own trainer Freddie Roach was predicting a knockout of Yordenis Ugas just prior to the fight.

                The knock against the Cubans and Cuban boxers in general were that they were to defensively sound but couldn't hit and both their punch volumes and work rates were far too low in order to defeat great fighters like Manny Pacquiao.

                So lets' not blame Manny Pacquiao's age as an excuse when he loses but gives him full credit for his age when he wins like he did against Keith Thurman.


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                  Originally posted by OhG View Post
                  You did it against a 42 year old way past his prime, Spence would of done the same!!!
                  You are a lame for using Pac's age as an excuse for losing after the fact. Had he won you wouldn't have said nothing. No one expected Ugas to defeat Manny Pacquiao because everyone thought he just wasn't good enough. However, since he lost now he is old but no one was saying that before the fight.


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                    Ugas clearly won. Pacquiao has had a excuse for every fight that he lost


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                      A lot people don’t just say…

                      A lot of people see.

                      Judges see.

                      Fans in attendance see.

                      Some critics can argue all they want about decisions like Canelo-Lara, or Rigondeaux-Casimero. But you can’t go into the big stage fighting like you are at the amateurs or at the gym sparring and expect to get the win while showing the judges that you do not want to engage and getting the fans restless and booing.

                      Let’s be honest here, this was a very winnable fight for Pacquiao due to Ugas’ lack of volume. In my card, Pacquiao lost by 2 rounds. If Pacquiao pushed himself in just 2 more rounds, he could have won on 1 judge’s scorecard and tied on the other two.

                      Ugas clearly could not feel Pacquiao’s hardest shots, he was content with staying back and countering, shielding himself, shielding his body, chin, intelligently of course, but still. He could have not gotten the W over an aging, past his best, 42 year old fighter who is ready to retire. Just based on activity.

                      Cuban fighters, I am sorry, they are very talented, highly difficult stylistically, clearly: but they love laying eggs in big fights. Activity wise. They just want to run, hide, throw 1 punch and land it. Having a 100% connect rate. All 12 of the power punches they throw, land on their opponent. All 12 of them, in 12 rounds. We get it. You are accurate. You are smart. You score points. But if you throw 5 punches per round, land all 5, and your opponent throws 100 punches and lands 3. The judges will favor the guy who threw 100 punches. Because the judges are not seeing any slow motion replay like we do, or live punch stats. To a judge with a bad angle the 100 punches thrown could have looked like 60 landed, when it was only 3.

                      This is what causes a lot of “robberies”. A lot of robberies are really just that the more active fighter looked better to the judges. And the guy on the run, who landed all 5 of the punches he threw per round, looks scared and like he doesn’t want to be in the ring. Like he is dying to sit back down on the stool and rest. While the active fighter wants a 10 minute round.