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    Originally posted by Toffee View Post

    That's right. Everyone on here complains about the right fights not being made. Amateur boxing is a much purer form of the sport. Though they've made a mistake allowing pros in.

    You look at Frazer Clarke. He could be a decent pro right now, but he's been pushing for that Olympic chance. In a sport that's so rotten at the pro level, you've got to respect those kind of stories.
    A Olympic Gold Medal is has more prestige than any professional world titles. Over time boxing world titles and most titles in professional combat sports have lost their prestige.

    It is the pinnacle of pure competition. Professional sports are more about business, and have a tacky feel to their title.

    To be a Olympian, and more so a Olympic Champion in in a 100 years time will still carry prestige.

    Audley Harrison's Olympic Gold Medal was still probably one of British boxing's greatest achievements of the past 25 years. Due to how long the United Kingdom had not won the title, and how that catalytic performance sparked everything 'Harrison started it all, the resurgence of British amateur boxing at elite level in my opinion'.

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