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Why do some people pretend anyone at HW could beat Wilder?

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  • Originally posted by Brumsongs1 View Post
    He'll be easier to beat now that Fury has shown how it's done. Wilder will need to adapt because previously his opponents, including Fury in the first fight, relied on out-boxing him. That was a failed strategy because, as Wilder puts it, he only has to be good for a second of each fight. Fury showed that he can be bullied on the inside if a fighter can slip the right hand to get there.
    Fury is 6’9’, 273lbs. He had 40lbs on Wilder.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for some fans to understand Fury’s blueprint was not some smart tactical gameplan. It was literally to use his size advantage on the smaller, shorter Wilder. He didn’t “outbox” or ran from Wilder.

    Andy Ruiz can’t use the same “blueprint” on Wilder.

    Neither can Joseph Parker.

    Or Dillian Whyte.

    They can’t use Tyson Fury’s size/height advantage on Wilder. Because they don’t have these advantages.

    So I don’t know what this “blueprint” is.

    When Tyson lost to Douglas, other top 10 HW’s couldn’t replicate what Douglas did. Lol there is no blueprint. The win over Wilder is unique to Tyson Fury. No one else at HW can beat Wilder using Fury’s tactics.