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Comments Thread For: Wilder Vows To Be Outspoken, Take a Stand Like Muhammad Ali Did

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    I strongly recommend the ******ed Windmill to never mention Ali again. Enough is enough.


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      Originally posted by Pac=Duran View Post

      Muhammed Ali spoke up against the crazy injustice of illegal warfare and the slaughter of millions of innocent people.

      Wtf will Beyonce speak up for? The righteous cause of violent sex addicts that strangle hookers? Lololokol
      The innocent slaughters of Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor.

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        Wilder is comparing himself to the greatest?

        Does this man have no shame?


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          I couldnt imagine Ali turning up to a press conference wearing his mums sunglasses and not saying a word .


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            Originally posted by *Makaveli* View Post
            I couldnt imagine Ali turning up to a press conference wearing his mums sunglasses and not saying a word .
            He did it at the Leon Spinks/Muhammad Ali I press conference.


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              There's only one Tyson Fury!!!!!


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                Originally posted by champion4ever View Post
                If anything Wilder is an anti-racist. A Black racist would be someone like Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens or a Tiger Woods.

                Those who have platforms but supports or are indifferent to the oppressive system which causes black pain and suffering. Moreover, Deontay Wilder is an activist. He went to Chicago recently to speak to black youth about stopping gun violence in their own communities. Old media covered it up.

                When most black people get wealthy and famous among whites like most people of color do; They have a tendency of feeling very uncomfortable around the same people who closely resemble them. How many other high profile black celebrities make hood appearances other than a Lebron James or Dwyane Wade?
                Clarence Thomas is a racist? **** off, he's just a black man with a different opinion.

                And the whole point is to get out of the hood. Why would you go back? So you can get stuck up and robbed? Because that's what happens when you go back, you get jumped by a bunch of haters and jacked.

                And I doubt Dwayne Wade rolling through the hood with that little phaggot family of his


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                  Originally posted by kafkod View Post

                  Regarding Ali ... things have changed a lot since the 1960s.

                  Regarding AJ ... he was rightly called out for virtue signalling and hypocrisy. None of the businesses he promotes via his sponsorship deals are owned by black Brits.
                  Until Joshua, I never knew that racism was even prevalent in the U.K until that Black Lives Matter rally. It took a lot of guts for what AJ did though. You call it virtue signaling. I call it balls. He called upon African and Caribbean Brits to boycott the same white corporations who sponsor him. Then he doubled down on it afterwards by saying "If you think I am racist then you can go fuck yourselves"


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                    Wilder ain't no Ali, and I wonder who's comparing him to the greatest.


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                      Speaking of himself in then 3rd person and comparing himself to Ali…sad, pathetic butt-hurt Buuuuuuumsquad ….wtf will next come out of this screwballs huge pie-hole! Wack Wilder - still the undisputed LAUGHINGSTOCK of boxing!!!