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Tank is in a good fight this weekend and many are dismissing it

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    Originally posted by Citizen Koba View Post

    Trolls gonna troll man, I'm not doing Mario down cos I got anything against Tank but because he was completely outboxed and outworked by Akhmedov and was very fortunate the KDs gave the judges some wriggle room (in fact as I recall it the cards were so bad they were gonna rob Akhmedov even if the KDs hadn't happened). And Mario ain't really fought anyone else so...

    Tank though? I'm unashamedly an eye test dude and I like to think I know talent when I see it. The Pedraza win was excellent given Tanks stage of development and whilst he hasn't had any exceptional wins since he has racked up some fairly decent wins in emphatic fashion.

    If I have any concerns with Gervonta it ain't with his native talent but with his dedication and commitment, especially when he seemed to be having issues making weight and other out of ring **** going on.

    Lotta that's been assuaged with him being disciplined enough to make weight for LSC though and from some of his comments I reckon there's good reason to hope the young man's turned a bit of a corner - hope so at least, cos it'd be a shame if he didn't make the most of his gifts.
    Great post from an ATG poster. Much respect homeboy


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      I'm looking forward to it. Tank is P4P top 10. My sig is worthy of respect. Nash out.


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        It's not a bad fight, it's just a very confusing decision to make. 135 has bigger draws and more skill overall than 140, plus it makes more sense for Tank's small frame.