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  • Comments Thread For: Mike Tyson: I Want Logan Paul To Fight Badou Jack Next

    Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was impressed with the boxing abilities of Youtube star Logan Paul, who last Sunday went the full eight round distance in an exhibition fight with five division world champion Floyd Mayweather.
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    Mike was stoned out of his tree.
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      Sounds like he wants Logan brutally KTFO inside 2 rounds.
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        That is some malicious intent from Tyson I think.
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          I want them both to fight Canelo so they can be brutally ko'd into oblivion.


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            Well that's one way for Jack to very ceremoniously move up to cruiserweight
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              I’m just impressed with Jack’s boxing record. He’s scored a knockout in every fight he’s fought including the ones he lost and drew in


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                hah, that's pretty rude

                no way would Paul's handlers let him take that fight

                at this point, Paul should fight either... a youtuber... an ex football/basketball player... or bring a low-mid level opponent up from 175

                I'm not watching any of that shlt, but that is what he should do

                his fans will watch it

                why rush a guy with 2 fights under his belt



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                  tyson got that 1000 yard stare from smoking too much weed, his brain is mush


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                    Floyd is right. Logan and Jake will need to be careful with actual boxers their size. P4P, Floyd would have stopped Logan but was too small and old. Put him in with someone his weight (cruiser/small heavyweight), he would barely last a round. Floyd was too small, old and hasn't been an offensive finisher since his pre 30 Pretty Boy Floyd days.