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Comments Thread For: Mike Tyson: I Want Logan Paul To Fight Badou Jack Next

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    Mike Tyson trolling nowadays. If hes serious hes lost it.

    Badou Jack (Or any legit CW boxer) would wipe the floor with Logan Paul


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      So, he's trying to get Logan Paul killed

      Hmm. . . .



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        Tyson wants to see Logan carried out on a stretcher.

        Iron Mike was always a sadist. Haha


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          Logan fighting that way, hands down even when backed up against a bigger guy who can punch hard like badou jack would spell disaster. He is going to get demolished.


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            Originally posted by aboutfkntime View Post

            hah, that's pretty rude

            no way would Paul's handlers let him take that fight

            at this point, Paul should fight either... a youtuber... an ex football/basketball player... or bring a low-mid level opponent up from 175

            I'm not watching any of that shlt, but that is what he should do

            his fans will watch it

            why rush a guy with 2 fights under his belt

            chad johnson!!!!


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              Originally posted by Terrel View Post
              Mike just trying to use the Paul hype train to bring Badou Jacks name into the limelight.

              As sad as that is to admit, I feel Mike is coming at it from that angle. I could be wrong.
              Where ya been? Ever speak to my old friend Tim Horton?


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                Canelo vs Logan Paul = murder..........just saying.


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                  I bet the guys who love sucking Paul’s D1ck will have big problems with this. It wouldn’t be fare them weighing the same and being the same age and Jack isn’t really a someone whose going to be on anyone’s top 10 fighters of the decade.
                  He’ll kill that “2 rounds and I’m tired” fighter.
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                    He's a you tuber not a real boxer any top ten fighter at 168 and up will kill him. Boxing is serious business.


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                      Originally posted by jaded View Post

                      Where ya been? Ever speak to my old friend Tim Horton?
                      I've just got back onto the forum a few days ago.

                      Haven't spoken to Tim since the infamous scandal

                      He may be an alt or permanently gone from here, no one has ever contacted me claiming to be him.

                      There's a chance that MIB got his hands on him also, lol.