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Comments Thread For: Logan Paul: I Never Got Hurt; I Knew If I Went Distance With Floyd, I Won, Technically

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  • Comments Thread For: Logan Paul: I Never Got Hurt; I Knew If I Went Distance With Floyd, I Won, Technically

    MIAMI GARDENS, Florida - Floyd Mayweather landed some flush punches on Logan Paul during the middle rounds of their exhibition. Never, however, did the retired legend land a shot that concerned Paul in their Showtime Pay-Per-View main event at Hard Rock Stadium.
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    well that's all that matters I guess


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      Mayweather thought Paul was going to fight which would give him openings. No scorecards meant he didn't have to.


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        Can't help but find it funny.


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          is that the way it works?


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            lol 13% connect rate

            75% of the clock time in a clinch

            "I won, technically"


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              I was more neutral on this before but this is BAD for boxing.

              Worse part is that mayweather just made Paul Logan the A side to like 95% of all boxers out there past and present. He has boxers and MMA fighters literally BEGGING him for a fight for the money.

              A year ago it was a joke.

              And Jake Paul pulled off a master chess move by easing into it with retired NBA player and wrestlers who he knew had no chance but that the public was dumb enough to hype up. Now he is the A side to 95% of any boxer or MMA fighter past or present.
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                Floyd couldn’t even hurt a YouTuber, hahaha most feather fisted fighter ever. Pillow fists


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                  It's a moral Victory no doubt and honestly Logan Paul will be capitalizing on this fight monetarily for the unforeseeable future. Being a household name on YouTube and apparently a proffesional content creator "I seriously ain't sure what that is exactly " he can twist a whole mess of narratives from going 8 rounds with Floyd. Good for him as far I'm concerned.
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                    Logan won a moral victory, give him that. He can scratch that one off his bucket list, and his bank account is fantastic. Wish I could have that kind of money.

                    I think some of the best boxers like Crawford, Inoue, and the Charlo brothers must be wondering how a social media celeb can get paid more than they get for a boxing match.
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