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  • Comments Thread For: Mission Accomplished: Mayweather Helps Paul Seize the Boxing Narrative

    By Lyle Fitzsimmons - Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul came to Miami. They made their promises. They fought their "fight." They left with a few more million than they had when they arrived. And whaddya know? We all survived. Whether you believe a 44-year-old Mayweather carried Paul through eight rounds or you think the upstart YouTuber deserves credit for a victory simply for not embarrassing himself, fine.
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    “An institution that gains identify by destroying conventional standards.”


    If that means what it sounds like it's supposed to, it is just a microcosm for Capitalism and Western Democracy writ large; the pearl is trampled by the stampede. When things get popularized, or even just profit driven (gaming, for example) they tend to degenerate.


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      It seems like the only thing this has proved is that there are no “winners” with respect to Google’s infamous YouTube!

      youtuber gaming nerds be like: “wait, I thought boxing matches have a winner like video games!! Wtf!”


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        Nice article


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          Lyle has post pandemic syndrome. He makes all of this optimistic citing that the news for this fight superseded other fights (as far as hype)… if his family or circle of friends were talking about this so much then as a realistic journalist you would be upset for all the serious work you’ve done to cover boxing.

          Lyle could’ve said, “well tbh, this isn’t a boxing match to real standards nor are there winners.”

          He also states elementary schools… am I naive in that in the world of media the Paul Brothers aren’t that popular. I don’t follow them, and I do YouTube heavy, but what world of kids folllow them? The gamers? I looked at some of their videos and they don’t cover games.

          yes it brings more interest to boxing. But to say “this is a hot market” for boxing journalist to now acknowledge and be happy about?

          it takes YEARS to perfect technique, intuition, defense, power, Ring IQ… that should be standard.

          Boxingscene doesn’t want to acknowledge that Haymon Sports exploited a YouTube metric star just to bring brand awareness to Showtime while making a mockery of the game.

          As I said before, how would Ryan Garcia vs Bieber do? Bieber has 100mil+ followers. Who cares!!! Leave that gay shet out of boxing please. Lyle, toughen up!


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            This article is pony

            Trying to hard to justify this dog s**t “fight”


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              trash article by a trash mayweather nut hugger.

              mayweather vs logan was an embarrassing joke circus act snoozefest.


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                TLDR boooooooomb squuuuaaaaaaaaaad


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                  I came over to NSB to see all of these articles with various people's take on Mayweather/Paul. My take is it doesn't help nor harm boxing or the perception of boxing. It's just a sideshow of a carnival of a sport.

                  There have been celebrity exhibitions and fights for ages and they've never really impacted the sport. Ali fought Inoki, Refridgerator Perry fought Manure Bol and Chyna fought Joey Buttafuouco. The sport itself has plowed on. People always talk about some scandal being another "black eye for boxing", but it's always been a sport filled with corruption, chaos and theatric drama. It's as simple as that.


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                    Originally posted by Straightener View Post
                    This article is pony

                    Trying to hard to justify this dog s**t “fight”
                    I took it opposite of justifying it. I took it as in boxing purist may not like it but you casual geek off the street bit hook line and sinker. Stupidity sells and everybody has a deep seeded notion to wanna see a freakshow.