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    Originally posted by buge View Post

    I said illiterate because you "paraphrase" instead of reading and posting the actual quotes. You presented some quotes which are commonly spouted by those who know nothing of the context around them.

    Judge not lest you be judged for example, does not mean that people should not be corrected (even publicly if needed) when they are doing things morally unacceptable. The verse has also been taken to mean not to presume certain people are damned to hell - since that is the ultimate judgement. Context around the phrase shows that it is generally part of a discussion around treating others how you should want to be treated ... but you should want others to correct your own problems which could keep you from heaven. There are many verses around correcting others to save them. People commonly throw the phrase out there to try to stop such corrections.

    Other meanings are just a google click away if you actually care to find them. There are many different purportedly Christain sects, but there is only one that has been around since Christ designated Peter as the first leader / Pope. Look to official Catholic teaching if you actually care to find truth instead of someone's opinion (including mine).
    You assume much.

    I paraphrased after reading the actual quotes for the purposes of putting in more contemporary language, not for the purposes of altering the meaning.

    And -- for the record -- the quote I began with is taken from the Gospel of Matthew 7:1-3 from the King James Bible. Verbatim, the quote is as I wrote it: "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

    Interestingly, you come down on me like a tonne of bricks for this and then misquote it as Judge not lest you be judged. Who is illiterate?

    Beware false prophets, indeed...
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