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Caleb Plant on Coppinger’s podcast on if he’s willing to face Canelo Alvarez: “It’s up to my team and Al Haymon”

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  • Caleb Plant on Coppinger’s podcast on if he’s willing to face Canelo Alvarez: “It’s up to my team and Al Haymon”

    You can listen to it on spotify just search Pug and Copp podcast.

    This fight ain’t gonna happen imo. This will be AJ-Wilder when PBC don’t want to give up the last belt of the division.

    here are some of the biggest mistakes that PBC fighters made under Al Haymon
    Wilder rejects 2yr 100 mil deal to fight AJ (Gets KO’ed by Fury)
    Kownacki rejects 7mil to fight AJ (Gets KO’ed by Helenius after)

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    Another PBC waster. All about fighting him when Canelo has another fight but now it's supposed to be next the backing out talk begins. We see it time and time and time again with these PBC lemons.
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      As someone noted, either Canelo comes over for a 3 fight deal, or Plant will fool around and get beat by Charlo or Benavidez. I don't think he can beat both of them. Tough position.


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        “It’s up to my team and Al Haymon”

        Been saying it for a while now, these dudes are puppets. Can't take a piss without asking Hymen first. For as much as they want to pretend they are, they're not their own bosses.


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          What kind of attitude is that

          Shouldn’t he be the one demanding to fight the top fighter? I’m sure he was doing that a few weeks ago when Canelo was tied up with another fight. Now he’s changed his tune.

          also, the promoter is supposed to work for the fighter, not the other way around. Didn’t Golden Boy advise against the Lara fight for Canelo but he told them to make it?

          Its ok being a prospect and letting a promoter pick opponents to guide you, that’s the right way to do it, but once you’re established and a world champ, you give the orders. You’re not an employee.

          PBC just don’t let their fighters take difficult fights outside of their own circle. Last time they did that, their HW champ got steamrolled.

          Sadly the fighters seem too content with this.
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            Dude is such a clown. When daddy Harmon speaks I do as I'm told. I'll take a 3rd ggg fight at 168. That seems more realistic at this point.


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              Wow what a *****. Barking big time, but now when its time to make it happen he cowards away. Thats gonna lose him a lot of fans.


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                “It’s up to my team and Al Haymon” is boxer speak for I don't really want that fight ....


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                  His team want the fight though. They made an offer once and they’ll make another offer. So what’s everyone bitching and complaining about? Canelo just fought last week.


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                    Plant is already on shaky ground due to his garbage opponent selection as of late. He loses me if he doesn't take this Canelo fight next.