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Daniel Kinahan STILL Involved in Boxing! Negotiated Saunders' Purse of 8M

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    The man has never been convicted of anything and that's a nice pay out for Saunder. Apparently Arum and Haymon are legit yet they are as criminal as it gets.


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      I don’t think it was ever said that he is not involved in boxing?

      Apparently he just stepped away from the negotiation for Joshua and Fury, Even that is probably not true, just put out in public to quieten things down about it. No doubt he is still working behind the scenes on that.

      does anyone care really?

      nobody cared much about Don Kings past when he was putting on huge events and he was a convicted murderer. He robbed his fighters too, where as MTK seem to do a great job for theirs.


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        Originally posted by !-1 View Post

        I have seen his purse reported to be $2.5 million. I think Hearn is just using Coppinger here to continue the Earn with Hearn lie narrative.
        I heard from a good source it was $8m, so the reports seem right.


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          Originally posted by Mr Giggles View Post

          I feel like mjp has been in many boxers bedsheets, she gives off those vibes, fury is definitely one of those boxers for sure
          yeah, I think BJS has banged her. She was always at Kid Galahad’s when Billy was living there and training at the Ingle gym. Since Saunders left Ingle, she’s never there anymore. She was never away from that house when he lived there.